Kenya's Best Politician

My Kikuyu friends. We need this guy. Please

@ChifuMbitika @Finest wine @FieldMarshal CouchP please let’s just support this guy

What seat is he running for? I think I have read him trying to ignite war against the Kikuyus so I will pass for now. Niko nyuma ya WSR for PORK otherwise.

Ruto ni stop gap, but this guy is the real deal

Ledama was trying to find his base. Anti KIUK rhetoric was instrumental for winning over the tribal bloc but now he is after a more national following. That’s why he’s not as tribal as he was when BBI was fresh.

Ledama is really really smart and he still has his heart in the right place. Ruto will lt us down, that I can guarantee. The guy is a thorough thief. If you thought Uhuru is a thief, you are in for a shock. Raila is also a waste. But this guy is it,

Is he running for PORK?

He will run in 2027 if we make him do it. 2022 we are stuck with useless candidates.

I don’t think he’s that stupid… But he is prepping himself up for a national position in future

He has plenty of time then to put in the hard work.

Most probably 2028 kenya will break into two. But we can prevent it with a compromise candidate.

A day in politics is a very very long…

Clown fooling you

2022 we are voting ruto, but i hope we don’t repeat that mistake in 2027

LOL, unajua huyu jamaa kweli. He’s a con who knows how to play to the gallery.

I honestly trust him and I don;t trust easy. For me his only misstep is his trust in Raila. But being from Narok I understand why he has to.

He’s an opportunist per excellence. You’ll see how he’ll unravel with time.

why do you think so? he is leaps and bounds ahead of politician number two sakaja

The only good one is a dead one.

i agree. but this guy is for real and he can guide us. if i had the cash ad do it myself. but this guy is good enough