stolen but very much true.

People are all over following Sonko’s impeachment proceedings in the Senate but they never followed senate proceedings when the public debt ceiling was being raised.
They wouldn’t follow proceedings in parliament next week when they will be doing away with coronavirus tax relief measures.
We are always excited by things that don’t matter. Impeachments at the Senate are useless since outcomes aren’t based on evidence but on party positions.
Sonko was never qualified to run for any public office but the system was okay with him when it suited them. This selective and subjective application of the law is one of the reasons why the country is in so much mess.

Absolutely true… If they had impeached Waiguru I’d have given them a benefit of doubt

He flexed his muscles way too far and miscalculated his step. Uhuru is now a fully fledged dictator and anyone ‘disobeying’ his orders and wishes atakipata. He knows ‘if’ free and fair elections were to be called right now, Sonko would win it.
Anayhoooooooo let me mind my own business. Serikali ina wenyewe.

true, uhuru won’t allow gubernatorial elections in nairobi, most likely naona aki suspend the county or sneak a bill in parliament hurriedly to transfer all key functions to national government without affecting the mcas. serikali ikonawenyewe, waiguru is more dirty than sonko but she was let go scot free, Kwanzaa nakumbuka akicheza sudoku during the proceedings, she never cared about it., we have a very useless Senate.

Please do not remind me of the Waiguru case. Those MCAs walipotea njia sana. Huyo ni ‘bibi’ wa topdog. Unconfirmed rumours have it that her last born is Uhuru’s child. So there was nada to do or see there.

Ma sweep left right. The joke is on us though for we are the ones who vote in such leaders.


Elections are a must. the only thing they can do is to support their candidate