Kenyans Own The Ugliest Designed Houses In The World...

Mudavadi hosting leaders at his home in Karen, Nairobi

Waiguru Residence

Orange House

Mike Sonko’s family home in Mua Hills, Machakos

Okoth Obado’s Home in Migori

he home of former politician Stanley Githunguri.

Mosaic Limited Mall,Mosocho, Kitutu Chache belonging to the late former Minister Dr Zachary Onyonka

Joseph Murumbi’s palatial home that fell to neglect and vandalism

Hmmmm ! ! ! Maybe we should question the curriculum.

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Wooi what eyesores are these?

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We can understand former govana Chokos lakini the rest? Money can’t buy class

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Its not about money not buying class. Its about mafundi wetu. Tanzania na Uganda kuna nyumba mingi za bricks zinapendeza. Mafundi wetu na contractors ndio shida.

No pizzazz.

Hiyo ya Mike Songo ndo imechoma saidi

We have nicely done architectural masterpieces.Depends on clients taste.

Keja ya Jared Otieno ni motooo

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I personally think they’re not that bad

Those designs are quiet personal and can’t be blamed on the architectures and contractors as every man/ woman has their own desires. What you see here is a replication of oblong personalities that various characters within our society possess. How can one justify that this designs were not done by demon possessed humans especially the one by Sonko and Murumbi? Anyway to every man their own.

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Ata okiya amewashinda.

Among politicians 001 ndio ako na taste.

And this is the model citizen for Nairobi residents (hippest, richest, most educated) segment of the population.

Do you see the hole we are in???

They all look like mental institutions except that little orange house, which looks like perhaps was a good house originally until Africans moved in.

houses of corrupt unclean money, consequences eat you and your family forever. Kuna wakenya wakona clean money wamejega manyumba nazo tembea uone designs

I had to check OBLONG in Urban Dictionary… Very well used here… :D:D:D:D

A person of superior class and status. Daniel is such an oblong.

Their houses are hideous… like their personalities…

Waigurus taste is modern and slightly above the rest but im not sure without close examination.
windows on madvds house remind me of the pictures of crematorium ovens constructed by the german general government in poland and austria in the 1940s.
sonko and obado are without apology unrefined and just wanted something big from an unschooled fundi.
githunguri’s attempt at Roman architecture is pathetic. with his money he should visit pantheon to see the finesse in the detail.
Ni heri kadogo yenye unaweza tengeneza vizuri.