Kenyans overcapitalize on tragedies on social media

People were not helping (although they couldnt) but taking selfies and videos during #LikoniFerryTragedy ndo wapayuke tu social media oh sijui kenya navy sijui wapi submarines …Proves that Kenyans, while offering no real solutions on the ground, will overcapitalize tragedies on social media just to get attention or achieve political mileage not because they care about the victims …It’s an unfortunate yet true reality that after a tragedy takes place, there are those who look to capitalize on the events to further their political agendas , . IS it need or greed

So you expect peoplr who don’t know how to swim to just jump into the Likoni channel so as to be said they tried to help?
How foolish.

hehe so you saying about 3000 or even more on the ferry guys from the coast region who have been born and raised in cost not a single person likely nobody at all like zero like none hakuna mtu alikuwa anajua kuswim ata kama ni mmoja…bonobo go back and think about this and bring some other argument

Assume you’re the one. Umeingia ndani ya ocean. Now walk me through your next steps…

they cant swim …na vile wanajiona navy experts

Hio take no mnyambo wa punda .

as the lady in the vehicle ama the hero to be???

Even when it comes to swimmers rescuing a drowning person in a pool in the deepend is not as simple as you think. You have to be trained. The deepend of pools is normally between 8’-12’, that has a bottom. Trying rescuing a drowning person from that before you start running your wild ideas. Use a dummy with the average build and weight of an adult and see if you can pull it off.

That lady and daughter were in a car that was sinking. You have to be really skilled to try that rescue of two people in a sinking car. You’d need to break the window, most probably untie their seatbelts, at that point who do you choose to rescue first if lucky and the only swimmer?


May they RIP.

Dude. You are the rescuer swimming towards the partially submerged vehicle.

What are your next steps? …

Exactly, they couldnt have been helped and its not simple but a complex issue that require trained professionals …but most kenyans on social media backed by githeri media are ignorant of that …if you cant help let those who are trying to do it in peace

Hehehe i think i am a fairly average swimmer, learnt how to paddle the waves from my childhood days in River nzoia, once i tried to save some guy, thing is, mtu ana drown is also trying to save their own lives, what happened next was the guy tried using me as a floater, and the result was both of us plunging in, good thing the place wasnt too deep, so i thrust from beneath and the currents took us to a shallow area. Kusave mtu hajui kuswim is kinda suicidal if you haven’t been taught how to rescue. However, there’s people who have it in them to help others, its a rare thing, it would have taken a single brave guy to jump in for others to try an help, and the result wouldnt have been so tragic. But these are just words and speculations, someone has lost a wife and kid…
May they RIP

Hii kenya is every man for himuselefu, acha ata drowning, hebu fanya makosa upate accident hapa thika road uone kama kuna mtu atasimama kukusaidia…

Hii maisha ya kenya ni ujipange ama upangwe…hapana mama yako huku

they will even rob your mutilated body …it happens

the days of our lives

I experienced this some few years ago along Waiyaki Way! Only matatu guys come to my help

I still think lifesavers are mandatory in the ferry transportation industry.

He’s disappeared because talk is easy. The truth is that this was not an easy rescue mission. She was inside the car so even if a great swimmer was to reach her he would have had to attempt to tell her to open the car door which is hard on itself because of the pressure from the water.


Movies have lied to people that you can just jump in water, open your bonobo eyes in murky or salty sea water, then in your 25th minute under the sea with no gear, trace the drowning person, then somehow flap your feet upwards over 50 feet while lifting over 80kgs of ‘dead’ weight using one hand, then bubble your way out, then somehow get a nice dry suit on land and finish your commute to work like nothing happened.

well heheh id sure swim to get back to the ferry my whole argument point you cant go there shouting people cant swim just because no one jumped in the water for twenty minutes