Kenyans na Uchafu

If u see a kenyan who is oblivious of someone watching, chances are anafanya kitu cha uchafu.

Characteristically, this can be, but not limited to picking their noses, kupanguza makamasi na nguo or their palms, kutoa ngotha or panty lunch, kujikuna matako, mcoondu or genitals. Disposal ya diapers na pads imeshinda wasichana wakenya.

Kenyans ni wachafu. Period.

Why i may excuse some neanderthals, the biggest being that useless mofo @kah tony , it is difficult to understand why a country with the highest literacy rates in the region can be cursed with such dirty people.

See, nylon paper bags are not the problem. We are. Its 2017 and still kenyans cannot safely dispose paper bags? This is very disturbing.

Mcoondu wewe @kah tony


Wana akili chafu pia kuruka.

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The 37 year old man child seeking attention again.


If u dont wanna see my posts click on ignore and i am not your mama to please you.

nani hajikunagi my fren?

On point ! hapo wks pads and diapers ongeza used condoms .

Uchafu na binadamu wako sabamba, tukiongea ivi najua mdomo yako ichanuka, na iyo Mcoondoo yako ulipanguza vizuri?

Mimi huosha.

I only read them as a case study on what not to be when I hit 30 years old.

Go lead your average life. Here is for those who overcome preset physical bounderies

Nimekuna makende saa hii


why are you so hell bent to always say how table manner unfriendly being kenyan is?? Juu ya hio stori wacha nisip chai like a proud kenyan. shhrrrrrrr