Kenyans Fantasize Military Rule And Dictatorship.

Check out the photo of the day featuring Sonko’s fashion choice. Kamwana did it too one time.

To celebrate Madaraka day in style, Governor Mike Sonko stepped out in what looked like police get up.
Sonko spruced up his fashion for the auspicious occasion at Pumwani High School grounds.
As the big boss in Nairobi, he held the celebrations together with constituents of the county in an elaborate affair.



we are led by clowns

and kenya is a year-long circus

Jamaa aende akuwe police commandant aache kazi ya governor.

My fren our gov is full of circus players n clowns but most is to camouflage their true colors : ni wezi tupu
Yes these clueless lot that’s what they are good at

Sass military attire na dictatorship imetoka wapi? Mbuzi wewe

Checking for causality and correlation between the two… I will be back later, when I find it.

naweza toa wapi hiyo bakora? nimechoka na flywhisk.

This drug selling fool can be allowed to get away with anything. I am sure if it was another governor (especially team Tanga Tanga) you would be hearing of charges being pressed. Something like impersonation or treason.

If there was any justice in Kenya huyu jailbird Sonko should be thrown in jail for escaping prison. But Uhuru’s government is not interested in the rule of law and we see it everyday.