Kenyans Daring In The USA

These 3 Kenyans have started a freight company in the U.S. It seems they’re doing good since they have 300 trucks in operation and I’ve noticed most of their employees are Africans.
Lakini hawajasema niaje waliweza kununua 300 trucks in less than 5 years. Tena wakachukua warehouse. Hapo ni kama waliskumiwa ka-loan ama seed money.
@Meria Mata tafuta kazi huku.

Financing is always available for guys with prospective businesses

Hapana cheza na kina Meria Mata
They make alot of mbecha

Kubeba Mexican s across the USA is very lucrative

Ata Nyashinski venye alienda U.S alikuwa truck driver.

Truck drivers earn a lot of money in Europe and especially if you own the truck…I would imagine it is the same over there…from State to State.

I dream of going to the states and owning my truck which I will be driving from state to state!

Continue dreaming old man

My dreams are valid!

how much do they earn relative to say the kawaida middle class jobs huko, like a nurse, police or a teacher

Wooo this is a really broad question.

Depends on experience/employer. The one, I personally know earns £40,000 per year and more sometimes depending on the season i.e xmas. He is an employee. He told me those that personally drive their own trucks rake in more. But talking of transport, those working for TFL such as train drivers earn way much more…

Nurses earn a lot of money given the qualification/experience i.e midwives. Most choose not to work for the NHS whose pay is crap but offers many other perks and opt to work for recruitment agencies who pay them per a hr but it is a superb renumeration. I personally know a woman from Ruaka that earns £60 an hr. Hataki permanent jobs. Anaendelea kusoma…she wants to be a tutor. Now that is big money. I also know a group of Kenyan guys who work in hospitals in the surgery clinics. All they have to do is lay out the equipment before the operation and damn get it right. Tell you what…biiiiiig bucks.

But I have to say they cannot match the ones in Trumpistan. Those people make a lot of money!! WEEH

The Police are well paid too depending on the rank…think about £30,000 starting pay??. I have not looked at their MET website lately…but the top dons mint as their pay is regularly splashed on the media when there is a big blunder. I think that Cressida woman the (top MET boss is on a salary of well over £150k a year). V racist institution, mainly white. Each time they have a massive recruitment drive, they try and target the ethnic minority…lakini we are not boarding. They are too ashamed to show their all white crew at events after all these years!

Teachers…v well paid too and again this depends on a lot of things. A secondary school teacher will be paid more than a primary school teacher and especially if he is the head of …abcd say whatever subject in the school. Head of year or Head of subject say 8,9,10 will not be in the same league as a normal teacher. As for the headteacher, earns well over £100,000 a year. His/her name is on a big billboard at the same gate, visible to the members of the public passing or driving by. So that we can all report them the authorities if we know of a personal scandal. p/s They are also v educated.

Hihihi. Now the early years/nursery trained teachers mint, along with the special needs teachers. Teaching pays v good overall. Plus schools start at 9.15 and end at 3.15. The poor dears cannot absorb anymore than that. Schools have many half term breaks, long summer breaks 7 weeks…easter 2 weeks, Dec 2 weeks…teachos still getting paid.

Oki that is enough from the newsroom…Make what you may of my rumblings but that is enough to guide you.

Actually starting a gig majuu is easier. Governments supoort SMEs sana.

Hivi ndio umeamua kuanika salary ya @Ka-Buda

KB is not the only Trucker I know. I knew some shallow mind would imagine it is him here but pole KB is self employed…different ballgame.

Alafu bado bwanake mr waweru ana mpiga jack

The hardest thing for immigrants in america to find is ‘TIME’ ,which is critical especially for those wanting to start a business or pursue further studies given you have to start from scratch hawatambui ma degree zetu

Unapata job soon you realize it not enough to pay the bills so you find another one or work overtime then unajipata kwa loop which you dont know how long it will last
Lakini if you have the education papers zao unapata job poa sana where you work only 8hrs alafu unaweza jipanga

Depends on various factors but largely its the hours you put in it. If you team up with someone you can work day and night.One sleeps while the other drives. The more hours you clock the better the potato. I know of couples who work as a team and they can go for months without going back to their rented home.

depends with the degree

Any profession pale wanaitisha degree pay huwaga poa sana kuna kijana mmoja hushinda na kalaptop akizinguka kiwanda hupata 29$ per hour.