Kenyans are tired of being ruled by 2 tribes

Other tribes also need a chance since they are also kenyans.

it’s understandable.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]All animals are equal but some are more equal :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:D:D:D what is your preferred next tribe to rule?

Yaani the 2 have ruled us for close to 60 yrs. When will the others also get a chance?

Any of the other 40+ tribes.

Its should not be a tribal thing
it should be about competence and benevolence

Tribes do not rule people. It’s individuals

FEDERALISM can also be an ALTERNATIVE. Let every ethnic nation rule themselves and chart their own destiny. Our differences are always too loud, therefore, hindering our progress.

I wonder why people here complain and loathe a lot about tribalism yet when I propose ethnic federalsim some are quick to condemn me

The issue is not being ruled by 2 tribes.

The issue is being ruled by leaders who are tribal and only caring for their tribe

Very funny fellas. They want to eat their cake and still have it.

Kama kuna kitu nimefurahi sana na Legacy ya Uhuru is that he has taught thurakus they will still be poor as individuals ata Msapere akiwa president for Life.

Penda sana vile wamenyenyekea sikuhizi. I dont mind another Kikuyu President:D:D:D:D

bullshit, someone is choosen to lead not because of his tribe but because of his ability to be a leader.

We are ruled by individuals not tribes, this individuals hide under large tribes to gather votes. It is just that some tribes like luhya happen not to speak in one voice during election.

Dividing Kenya into tribal states would benefit absolutely nobody.

Look at the economic, political and sporting giant that was Yugoslavia.

Once Yugoslavia was divided into its tribal components, it completely lost relevance in world affairs.

What notable thing is Bosnia known for? Na Serbia je? Absolutely useless tiny tribal units.

Angalia Somalia with its fiefdoms sijui Puntland, Jubaland, Somaliland etc. Again totally useless tribal units that nobody in the world recognizes.

Wait! You ain’t Kenyan?

We already have counties ama what kind of division are you talking about?

Kenya is ruled by one tribe. The wealthy dynasties. Hio 2 tribes nimeskia hapa.

I am with you, bro. especially after they sang '“We are sending him to Bondo…Tano Tena…and We will rule for the next 30 years”…
Only to now cry chooni ati Mganga anakula kwa high table yet we never voted for him just because of Kamwana… :D:D:D

Like someone mentioned, tribes don’t rule- individuals (families) do… :stuck_out_tongue: