Kenyans are the real source of the problem not politicians

Guys let us just admit liability. We are the people who glorify and worship these thieves and then later when they mug us to death we blame them. But frankly speaking who gives this leaders the mandate? Is it not you and I? In my case I voted for Rao and Sonko, the rest I can’t even remember because I voted for an MCA I didn’t even know because he had Rao party nomination but frankly I didn’t know him and had never heard of him before that day of voting. Now I am surely regretting my choices because Sonko has left us in a ditch and RAO is too busy enjoying his handcheque and forgotten the mandate we gave him as the people’s president to speak against ills going on in the country that raia can’t talk about for fear of his life.

Guys let’s be very honest with ourselves. Our current lifestyle as a nation is not sustainable. Recently I sat down with a group of moms of young children who have all applied for Canadian visas. All of these ladies have good jobs with security of tenure So I asked them why. This is what they told me. They feel like there’s no future for their kids in Kenya.

So here’s the gist of the matter. In Kenya everybody has become a thief. The belief in Kenyans minds is that wealth is only achieved by stealing.

This rot starts from the bottom. The messengers at your workplace get 40 packets of milk for making tea. They use at most 10 packets and sell the remaining 30 packets,in the same building at say 10 Bob less per packet. Forget about offices. Go to even a nyama choma place like the ones on the road when you travel, if they’re not trying to sell you yesterday’s meat, then they are stealing your meat, if you don’t stand there as the meat is chopped up they will steal half of it. Other places if you are taking take away, they will not pack the full meal hoping you will not return, they will then resell whatever they didn’t pack for you which you paid for and pocket the money, this is a conspiracy between kitchen and waiters and its done under the manager’s nose. If you have a manager say you have a pub, he brings his own stock and sells it, as your stock sits there.

I remember one time when an establishment almost as old as I am brought in stale snacks that had stayed overnight for a workshop we had. After that they never got our business ever again and the way we were their loyal customers. I don’t know why Africans especially Kenyans just love shortcuts and are ever trying to fleece others.

Now, my question is this. Do we have enough resources for everyone to steal? Because frankly speaking in Kenya, stealing is the order of the day. In fact if you are not a thief people consider you to be an idiot and you can be sure nobody will vote for a person who held office and came out of that office with nothing stolen.

This politicians are not coming from Jupiter. They are a reflection of the Kenyan society. In Kenya nobody wants to make an honest living, everyone is looking for a loophole to exploit. And it is condoned. Even in a corporate setting, a junior person like a messenger is openly stealing and selling milk bought by the company for its staff and its ignored because everyone must exploit their position fully to get an advantage.

This is a very Kenyan culture. STEALING. Everyone in Kenya is a thief. If God says, no thief will enter heaven maybe a hundred people in Kenya will make it to heaven. Everyone is a thief. We glorify and envy thieves.

So guys revolution is not the solution. Even if we put honest patriotic Kenyans in leadership our demands will ensure that they become thieves.

Have you ever thought about how much a politician in Kenya spends on funerals, weddings, birthdays, school fees, medical bills name it. Where the heck do we expect these guys to get all the money we demand from them from? If not that they become thieves? Mambo ni mawili, in politics you either become a thief or utafilisika bcz it’s a very expensive venture. And very few Kenyans will vote for a leader who has no money. For the simple reason that they want somebody who can be giving them money. So if you have no money what will you give them? Kenyan electorate does not want to hear that because you are an honest person you have no money to give to them for funerals and school fees. And even if you were voted in when you were broke like John Paul the people still feel entitled to your money. Leaders can not stop stealing if this is the kind of pressure and monetary demands you are placing on them. Personally I can not even blame them for stealing much as it is wrong because Kenyans are too demanding. Where do you as a Kenyan expect Ruto to be getting tens of millions to dish out in churches and in development projects, if not the taxes you pay. So Kenyans can we be honest with ourselves that We are the real problem and the root cause of the confusion in this country. We are forcing leaders to steal because if they are not wealthy we won’t vote for them and if they won’t give us money like it’s candy we won’t vote for them.

Guys, change will begin with us the citizens not the leaders. First of all the culture of impunity and get rich quick thievery is something we must deprogram ourselves from. If Western civilizations were behaving the way we behave, they would have collapsed. What we have in Kenya is pure anarchy. It’s a lawless jungle. And a free for all.

All I am saying is that it’s not sustainable. If we want in 200 years to be developed like say the US and Canada where we are escaping to, our mindset and way of doing things must change. It’s not that white folk don’t like to make easy money through stealing. No. It’s that they realised that in the long run, embracing and glorifying anarchy is detrimental to society as a whole. And therefore it is in the best interest of everyone to maintain some level of integrity.

Let me give an example. If today God forbid you are in an accident. Most likely because police and NTSA were bribed to allow unroadworthy vehicles on the road or a drunk driver. Now you are critically injured and rushed to the nearest level 4 or 5 public hospital since you are not in a state to tell them you have good medical cover for even airlifting you to Nairobi. Meanwhile all the drugs were embezzled out to small private clinics, so there’s no drugs to help you. To stablize you. If there was an ambulance to pick you from the accident scene after spares were stolen and petrol or diesel syphoned. So you die. It’s not the accident killing you. It’s stealing. Or as we call it corruption and looting public resources.

There’s no future in this kind of a lifestyle. None. It’s just not sustainable for the future generations. I don’t know the how. How to get there but I know we are pretty much doomed if we keep stealing like this. Looting. Everyone is using their position to Loot, to steal, to con. How can such a lawless society survive? How? It’s grim. It’s bleek.

Let’s be the change we want before we point fingers at Waiguru and the rest because maybe if were her it would have been worse. And even those of us, the blessed few who have invested in the country and we are comfortable. Let’s not get too comfortable when we are in a country with over 10 million unemployed and highly educated youths. In 2007 we saw buildings worth hundreds of millions razed to the ground. It’s also never in your best interest as a wealthy person when there are so many disgruntled and frustrated poor people around you because you will not enjoy what you have in peace. Maybe only the 1% will. I am always praying for this country because I love it too much and I can’t imagine living in any other place in the world is how much I love Kenya. Let’s not destroy this treasure of Kenya God gave us because of too much greed.

I am just ranting and I don’t claim to have the answers. But I want more for my country and my country men. I don’t want to see young moms leaving their kids behind to go be enslaved by Arabs or brilliant Kenyans leave Kenya bcz there is no opportunity for them to contribute their brilliant minds to building our country. All because all Kenyans care about is looting and stealing. How can I steal at my job and at my business. A police man leaving his house isn’t thinking about how he’ll protect Kenyans but how much he will make that day in bribes for him to give the OCS his cut, after going to illegal business like changa dens and shisha brothels. I don’t know anymore. It’s so disheartening honestly. Can God send us a Moses to save us from ourselves? I don’t know.

Umeongea ukweli mathe lakini how do we tackle hizi cartels…if all else fails basi let me creampie your vagina

Only the political class has a small chance of fixing our mess in peace, else it’s pointless for mwananchi. if the burden is hard pressed on the electorate expect 1,000,000 man march!!! the resultant effect can go both ways, good or bad.

the ballot will never fix Kenya coz those same political powers will make sure the get the fairest demon to the sit, not the best and cleanest. if you doubt me check what they did with punguza mzigo, we simply are the puppets. #wajinga sisi!!

Just suppose Ruto or Raila becomes the next president. 10+ more years down the drain

Alafu the same Kenyans wanaita wengine wezi

Guna guna or Sonko?

This country is in a deep hole and a state of lawlessness. It will take a miracle to change things. And it is not only Kenya but Africa in general. I wish the whites and other foreign countries could prevent the blacks from taking citizenship in their countries so that they sort the mess in their countries when they feel the pinch of it. Now they can just easily escape from the mess and run to enjoy the sweat of the whites and other foreign countries

No one is stealing from us. It is the blame others for our problem mentality like yours that is causing us not to make any progress. If there were any foreigners stealing from us… we can stop it if we want to

It’s easier said than done. Did you see what happened to Muammar Gadaffi ama that was fiction?

The people who started revolt against Gaddafi was Libya and then foreign forces took over. Watu wakule ujeuri yao

You choose to ignore the role of the outsiders and that’s your prerogative but all the scholars globally know what I’m talking about

Even the Italian PM called out France on it’s sins in West Africa.
But feel free to believe what you will

Mwai waKibaki squandered a chance of a lifetime, he had a chance to fight corruption fairly and squarely . He’d have set the ball rolling.

I remember when I was in Campus,there is this fast food joint in town.I bought some take away dish and the guy packing it told me that he could drop in a chicken piece if I gave him 100.Well,I did and he executed his part.Wajinga sisi.

we deserve the deaths and accidents …

The song playing at the hour of your death should say "Suffer,suffer scream in pain//Blood is spilling from your brain.

No wonder roundi hii wamadungiwa makamera Kama nonsense

He was used to doing that all the time coz I returned some days later and we sealed the same deal.

we all die… there’s no sweet death !

Ignorance amongst our people is the root course of
2. diseases
4. poverty
5. corrupted administrative practices, reckless and irresponsible adjudication of civic responsibilities etc.
So when you all vote in Raira because (ni mutu wetu na ametusomea bbwhatever), or Sonko the governor because (atawaokoa wamaskini) and the rest of rulers since they ALL fall in these categories, you are by default twerking to and bringing these blessings as from point 1 to 5 to our motherland and you are guilty as charged.
Yes, we so ignorant that we just don’t realise how ignorant we are.