Kenyan's are damn lazy

Having worked in the private and public sectors, I have come to a conclusion that Kenyans are less productive than citizens of western countries (I am not sure about Africa). Take for instance the average productivity of a Kenyan public servant on a Friday. Today at work I noted that about 3/4 of the staff had checked out at 2:00 pm while some left for shaggz yesterday. At one time I was working for an international organization that had a blend of Kenyans na watu wa mayuu (majorly from Europe and Asian countries) and we barely kept up with the pace. The whites and Indians were very efficient and usually met their deadlines with ease. Kenyans are generally not time conscious… yes we do get to work early and leave at the stipulated time (except fridays) but we hardly have good management of personal time and rarely monitor our daily objectives. Meetings with a 30 minutes agenda end up taking the whole day…tasks that can be completed in hours take a week…minutes that could be prepared in half an hour take a few days…lunch and tea breaks are lengthy etc etc… mushene kwa ofisi… Only time that people are productive, efficient and effective is when tasks are due or there is some pressure mounting… One word for all this LAZY…


na dawa yake ni?

Compared to other african countries we are way ahead, enda tanzania ndio utakubali.


There is more to life than work… Only that you might realize this when it’s too late.


That lethargy exists in all government institutions, County Governments etc where people are under no obligation to perform as they will still earn salaries but no, private Enterprises don’t tolerate that bullshit attitude towards work.

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Humans arent made to follow work schedules. You have to condition them to follow that unnatural path, or use force.

wewe ndiye lazy because you work for others,mtu kama mimi naamka 4 kulala ni saa saba and you dare call us lazy?

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reminds me of a time I did internship at ministry of agriculture around June, we were dealing with issues that were 6 months old or even older, there was so much backlog it was amazing we cleared the damn pile before crossing over to the new fiscal year.

Mimi naskumana na wahindi wanipe deal poa and you dare say am lazy?

Being effective and having a wonderful life are not mutually exclusive.

We operate on same timelines… but you do realize that this is a collective and subjective opinion.

If you read again you’ll notice I made comparisons between humans.

Haya nimeyasikia lakini sijayafuatilia kwa kina na sina uhakika… Kunao wasema Watanga ni wavivu wengine waninongoneza Wachagga ni wachapa kazi.

Quite true about government institutions. Private institutions keep firing workers who perform poorly ndio maana watu husema hakuna job security…although to be honest there are many more reasons.

imagine kusimama kwa mlango siku mzima

Starts from school where people do their assignments last min

Starts from school where people do their assignments last min

Jamaa alitoroka after kumtaftia 3D printer. Haki hii kazi ni ngumu.

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Umenikumbusha job yangu ya kwanza uchumi supermarket just when I had left high school before it went into receivership…

Uganda is worse.

I agree. Am not disputing that we are not as productive, am just pointing out why. Its a cultural thing. Whiteys have a culture that encourages a certain work ethic sometimes making monumental achievements at the expense of their lives. Angalia the steve jobs type. pathetic life. some guy called tesla: pathetic. Euler: they guy spent all his time laying foundation for geometry, geometry of all subjects, while blind. Bill gates: works so hard but doesnt really wear bling or fly the most expensive bird.

Na sisi our best are, Sonko: hauitaji kuambiwa. WSR: wizi, wizi. wizi., na sisi wengine wote arent any better. And you learn it from your environment. right from childhood

Uganda naskianga wanaamka jua ikiwa juu. saa mbili watu wamelalaaa.

pole bwana

Guy called Tesla ni nani boss? Ama u meant to say Elon Musk?