Kenyans and their Facebook Childishness

Whenever you demand for ‘freedom of speech’ you better have something important to say.

Yet, Kenyans with their perceived freedom of speech vomit the most disgusting vitriol you can ever read, particularly when it comes to politics. An average Kenyan cannot think any political idea without him/her using his/her tribe as the lens of perception.

The ‘Kenyan Facebook’ just eloquently displays the immaturity of Kenyans. It’s going through Facebook that you will realise that many Kenyans really have very low thinking capacities and even lower levels of immaturity. Granted, there are some Facebook pages from decent Kenyans but many more are just faecal garbage.

I must admit that I don’t think I will ever join Facebook unless, of course, circumstances in my life demand that I constantly inform people about certain constructive things. It’s my hope that circumstances will never force me to join.

These are the idiocies that Kenyans love practising on Facebook.

a) “oohhh swirry you look so cute”: apparently 70% of Kenyan women on Facebook cannot post anything constructive except posting photos of their bleached skins and waiting for endorsements from other facebookers. So, you have a whole Adam of a man always complimenting ladies ‘oohhh swirry you look so cute’ even if the lady looks like a crossbreed between a warthog and a pig. Why do you have to seek approval from Facebook? As a man, you think always complimenting women on Facebook will earn you their favours? You can do better researching about the next big business idea instead of being a slave to egocentric women.

b) ‘Facebook Mothers’: these are the Kenyan women who splash out their baby’s photos all over Facebook. The world isn’t interested with your kids. The world wasn’t there when you were being f*cked so keep the products of your sexual encounters to yourself. Our grandmothers used to get 10 kids without creating a fuss. Don’t you think if you are rich, you offer potential kidnappers an opportunity to kidnap your kid?

c) Political idiots: Some Kenyans especially men cannot engage in serious discussion without resorting to vile tribal nonsense. I am not surprised that an MP from Central can only think of circumcision when he makes a point.

d) Sycophants: so you’ve got these idiots that spend their time viewing the pages of the mighty. So when Ann waiguru opens a conference, these idiots are all over her Facebook page ‘complimenting’ her. Come on, she is doing her work, right? Don’t think you will ever capture her attention with your meaningless Facebook sycophancy?

Unless your life/business/professional demands that you have a Facebook page, leave Facebook to the XAXA generation. Out of those 2000 ‘friends’ that you have on your page, only about 2 would lend you 20k when you are in need.


Hehehehe… I like this thread… Keep em coming @ karl… And while at it try to locate and invite ur fellow nationalist @ stylezz…to this site…

… Hehehe ati klost irudi… ??? Isoraaait… Pipe dream

On this one u’re spot on.o_O

watch a series known as selfie

I have had to unfriend a few guys and gals just so that I can keep my facebook page clean. Facebook is good if used constructively. But when the nieces and nephews begin a discussion about last nights rave and how they f*cked, in gory detail and posted in short form and broken english, then it gets embarrassing.

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Sii mambo na uzee boss. I have a nephew and nieces in their early twenties.

na hii tabia ikome…


Now I am just confused…yaani huyu ndiye @karl marx ?? hehe

@old monk mbona kutoa hio screenshot??? Siii ati tunajua incognito ya huyo nyang’au bana. usiwe kama wale wasee hatuwataji huku tangu tuhame

depends on the context @old monk,
it’s not like anyone knows his handle here.

usirudie tena

sasa hio time ya kusoma hio itatoka wapi?
umeanza ku-sound kama jakenya.

usiharibu kijiji 2.0 hata kabla haija take off