Kenyans and deadlines: panic mode over currency deadline.

Today like 2 guys tried refusing the old ksh 1000 note. I inform them deadline is over a week away and what am presenting them is legal tender of the Republic of Kenya. I also throw in a threat that it’s a criminal offence to refuse a legal tender in exchange for goods & services. Have you guys started experiencing people already shying away from the old currency?

Also what does the guy who ends up with an old 1k on 30 th September at 10 pm do to have it changed considering Banks are closed and no Mpesa will dare to accept it at such a time? It’s a funny situation because you really can’t refuse it legally as it’s still a legal tender but you also know you won’t have the machinery to exchange before it becomes worthless.

NB: Buy USD now as the value will likely increase against the shilling in the coming weeks. Got an exchange of 1 USD = 103.6 today.

very true dollar will become stronger in next few weeks

Buying or selling?

Buy USD now sell from October 1st 2pm

No meant that rate you got today of 103.6 were you buying or selling dollars?


Ooh ok thought you bought dollars at that rate juu today in town ilikuwa 104.8!

Selling ama? Saa ngapi?


Deadline will be extended for another 7 days

Haha ni kama traders wanachangamkia hiyo story. Did you happen to see what it was selling at in town?

Traders are making a killing!

What damn difference will that make?

True and it will probably get better from October 1st- 3rd till the market stabilises

Wasomali munarudi lini kwenyu afmadow?

Jana I had a bunch of 1 thousand notes when doing shopping kwa supermarket, all new currency except one and I gave them that old 1k note. There is no way I will be caught holding worthless paper at the end of the month. :D:D:D

Hapa next to mt kenya forest, the deadline has already passed. Nobody is accepting the old Ngiri note

For every $100 you stand to make around 300bob if you bought the dollar at 100bob assuming they’ll buy at 103.
So the more dollars you have, the better its gonna be.
Also for long term guys, you can keep the dollars until election year, then enjoy.

is there an institution doing straight swap? not depositing old to withdraw new. Central bank perhaps?