Kenyans aint broke

Watu wamekuwa wakifichiana game 2020. Niggas is rolling in dosh. Kama umesota umesota peke yako

Thika is one Nairobi’s bedrooms…

Mbillionaires, we fly high , apana tambua traffic jam

It’s crazy Jana nilikuwa kwa matatu na dereva was saying the exact same thing. We were along the Narok Kisii highway.
He noted that there were actually more personal vehicles than PSVs on a road that I ordinarily clogged with Kisii and Bomet Line vehicles.
Tunashangaa sana pamoja

Mido crass problems.

Na wewe na akili yako ndogo hungerationalize that guys ain’t using PSVs like they used to?

That they now crowd fund and use a friend’s car or hire

True. Plus owning a car is no longer directly proportional to amount of wealth one has amassed

Fuel from Nairobi to Embu for example is less than 2k but your mango head can’t process that.

Recent statistics show that only 6pc of kenyans own cars…digest

Mountanians own 99% of cars in Kenya. Truly a blessed breed of negros

Middle class problems wameenda ocha kijionyesha wait shule zifunguliwe ndio utajua hakuna pesa.