Kenyanlist thread

Allow me to say that I was one of those who watched the village from the fence but there are two listings on that site that I well remember. That of Flash Gordon on bursting kanyoka by Bangaiza. It had photos that makes me smile to date. The other one was a guy who was so angry with Wanderi that he/she decided to post a story complete with funny pics on how Wanderi was a street kid in Nai who snatched phones until he got a breakthru via a jungu lady who loved Wanderi and took him to the US. I couldnt help but notice that Wanderi died in the USA. Was that story real or what?

Mimi sijui

nah kwani hii Wanderi ilikufa na password ya kijiji

Some info in that village was just informative. I was following Jasusi’s baby steps in real estate. Nilikuwa nangoja Okiya apeane venye anaendelea na project yake pia hapo Nyayo. Then Fidel akakufa na kijiji ikakufa same day.

@Jasusi was building cattle sheds,those dingy hovels were not fit for people to stay there

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kwanza FG ako wapi na hizo picha zake

I was also keenly following that lister’s progress.

mnabore na ufla wa klist hapa … tokeni tena sana

@Dkt Luther nili troll hio listing mpaka msuper akanitusi ati kichwa yangu ime cantilever,he he he

@bjurmann that is a fake story, Jimmy parents are alive and living in Nairobi… Plus he has sisters and brothers… The face of jimmy in kenyanlist was the likes of @Supu don and @aviator who ruled the village with an iron fist! Wanderi was a snob who never cared… Never bothered… And at the end made sure he took the village with him to his grave…

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haha iyo ya kanyoka ilikua kali

@Luther12 daktari tuitie wanakijiji bana you have over 200 emails za listers

By the way, Fidel and Klist died the same day,what wud be the xplanation?

I was a victim of the dictatorship in klist, not a perpetrator. FYI, one of my handles was kawambui.

Fidel must have been Jakipii.

@Supu:…you are entitled to your opinion but Jimmy was a great man and NEVER EVER a snob…maybe he had tastes as well.

FYI + all wamderis websites were messed up by an intern and it was to come back a week before his death. @Msuper can confirm this …so guys let Jimmy rest in peace…he did his part.

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That intern should face the firing squad

We all respect wanderi (R.I.P) except some who have some personal axes to grind.Anyway why would an intern destroy everything, wasn’t there enough resources to hire a competent programmer, some listers were competent enough and even offered their expertise.

mimi kuna story mbili ctawai sahau, ya kwanza ni jamaa alipost akisema vile watu wa single rooms wako na shida, ati alifungwa ka dame alafu kakamwamusha usiku ati ampeleke choo chali akathani nikunyora akamshw ajisaidie kwa karae watamwaga nje mrng, kumbe dame alienda kupupu kwa karae hehe hueva tht lister was i owe them two fr the road,

ya pilli ni ile ya tls ya kukula matomoko na kupupu kwa veranda na dogi haikukula


Jimmy gave us a gift worth a mountain of gold in platinum. we should all cerebrate his life and, at the very least, let the pioneer REST IN PEACE.


ile story ya hustling ndio huni bamba, venye watu walikua wan
a photocopy noti ya punch