How do you feel bout its #coming back.
Opinion needed.

As a moderator, am looking for any shit to give…and I can’t find. :cool::cool:

Thought so

You remind of Chris rock’s joke, ‘Bush doesnt’t give a fuck’…'if he had three fucks and you were hanging over a cliff and you’re like…help…help…he’d be …“I don’t give a fuck!”

Kama utanifanya moderator ni Sawa.

admin wa Ktalk anunue Klist… hii xenforo ni upuus

Won’t be the same again

Kenyanlist is dead and long gone now…let move on…

Hata na dawa, akanyal rudi huko

i hope it come back.
i would go there in a fraction of a second.

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i mss klost

FUCK @Supu don