Kenyan youtuber warns kenyans about somalians

Bingwa banaa

Demographics are important, and we are inevitably going towards a Somali majority. Unlikely as it appears now, but it is coming. And also as unlikely as it seems, the Somalis will ally themselves with coast first, then Rift Valley and then Western/Nyanza, then Eastern.

BUT: Somalis cannot lead anyone until they learn to stop hating each other and hating themselves. What they are doing to each other in Somalia is a reflection of what they would do in Kenya were they to ascend to power.

When you say Somalis, do you mean borana, oromo, rendile, from Kenya ama Somalis from Somalia?

Wewe Kama hujasoma GHC vizuri,nyamaza,wacha kujiaibicha, since when did Borana ,oromo,and rendille become Somalis

But you guys refer to everyone as Somali

I mean Somali. Interestingly the Borana/gher/gabra have been exhibiting hostility towards one another; similar behavior. Is like a curse.

Isn’t Somali one of the forty… whatever tribes in kenya

You are absolutely correct. They came into Eastleigh in large numbers and took over the dilapidated buildings, demolished them and put up their Hotels and “Somali” only apartments. They then moved into South C and South B you all can see what s going on there. Lately, they have taken over CBD and this can be attested by the opening of many coffee houses and Somali cuisine restaurants. Mombasa, Bungoma, Eldoret and Nakuru are their next frontiers. This has all been made possible by corruption at our borders and Nyayo House. We have no one to blame but our own Government.

Never gone anywhere in Kenya and not meet a somali…

So we should look away from all the improvements and development brought about just because they’re Somali?
I agree there is alot of corruption and many have become Kenyan citizens as a result.
Eastleigh if not for Somalis, would be dandora looking, it had been left to nywele ngumu.
CBD would be full of bars without diversity of restaurants, we’ve seen this first hand.

Dude,that “nywele ngumu” word is offensive. Don’t try to mention it again!

Your brain is becoming a dot as you speak. The type of capital investment you see in easleigh is just Mogadishu migrating into a small corner of Nairobi. Period. The top investors of Somalia moving into Nairobi. Nywele ngumu wamejenga the rest.

Don’t mix issues, had it been left to nyeele ngumu eastleigh, would be dandora. It’s just what it is.

He he i know, so is nywele makamasi, no hate though, just labeling.
Usijali hata yangu ni ngumu tu.

The streets of Eastleigh are full of garbage and mud! What’s so special about that?

The city has refused to upgrade to the standards that eastleigh has brought.
I was there recently though, things are improving, roads are tarmaced with pedestrian paths and drainage vizuri.
Stay on point, development stop getting confused, unless you never saw eastleigh back in the day! You wouldn’t get the difference. Confirm date of arrival in Nairobi

Congratulations. The whole of Mogadishu moved into Mairobi and all there is to show for it is Eastleigh. Heheheee… Eastleigh is simply Nairobi housing the Capital of Somalia. Just like we housed their parliament until they started throwing chairs at each other. My friend, if Nakuru or even Thika moved into Nairobi, there would be Six or Seven eastleighs. Goes to show you how pathetic your peeing contest is.