Kenyan women though

Even if it’s desperation Jameni, this is now too much. Yaani unalisha bwana wa mtu. I wish you could see how I treat married men with contempt. Ni kama nimeona kombamwiko. Wah! These singo mothers are the reason why these men nowadays are so irresponsible. What is this now?


Hi mum’s, I am a single mum dating someones husband, its now 6 months and we really in love, he is even ready to take me as a second wife.

The problem is every time he visits he comes empty handed hata hawaletei watoi fruits. I give him my drinks and again when he leaves haniachii Kitu unless I ask. This really hurts me alot.

How do you mum’s deal with such men? Kindly help?

Acha singo matha akuliwe pole pole

Is it a transaction. You expect shopping for your kids and they have you and a father.

Many women want to load responsibilities on boyfriends which the men are not ready to carry.

Some of them… wanatuangusha. How on earth do you feed another woman’s man, quench his thirst with your drinks and your body?
And even believe that he will marry you as a second wife…hahahahahahaha kicheko loudest.
TBH this one needs 2 hot slaps. Her energy should be reserved for children. I tell you huyu atazalia hiki kifathe.
And so on and so forth.

ATI it’s been 6 months and they’re in love. I will also be in love if she gives me free drinks plus her kids food after I come empty-handed

It is not a transaction but c’mmon now! pia wewe do you visit your aunties empty handed? but ni ujinga ya msichana. This man should not be allowed in her house. Watafute lodgo, order food and drinks do their thing and everybody goes home.

Who will pay? This one who can not even buy a sweet?

Precisely. Because he won’t pay, then he should only be left to imagine the colours of her knickers. This one atabebewa loan na mtoto azaliwe halafu ahepe. He is grooming her. What is this ‘marriage’ that women are so desperate for? I mean here you are with 2 kids, seems to be able to foot her bills…and then this…my head hurts.

Coordinates for verification… sounds like someone needs a dic… oops I mean a shoulder to cry on

Grooming her to take loans for him is right. He wants her to get used to one sided giving then he will promise heaven before asking her to take him a loan.

Yep and that will be the beginning of the good life. That man is a crook…anayhoo wacha watumiwe…

You people baffle me though… Mnaskianga uchungu ya shida za mtu mwengine na hakuna kitu unapata in return. Wewe na huyo single mother hamna tofauti; mnatumiwa kihisia.

Nowadays the easy road to quick riches is get about 3 women to take loans for you then vanish into thin air with the money. Linturi style. You say you were the one helping the woman. LOL.

What about you when watching football unatumiwa kihisia ama nini unapata in return. Hii ndio starehe yetu achana na sisi tujibambe. Udaku haitaki uvivu na selfishness.

@Finest wine @TrumanCapote
Hii issue ya loans imewaguza pahali pabaya.
I always have a problem with a man who can take money from a woman freely without reciprocity.

But anyway money is #2 cause of divorce and if we are being honest a big factor in #1.

Men too go through such shit. The number of men paying loans for financing their woman’s studies. But you might seldom hear it. It’s just life. I think mko alarmed because it’s finally coming out that females too are victims so now shit gets real.

Football never made me hate a fellow human being.

Its the new rave in town. I can tell you one storyafter the other of how these loans have messed up women.

Which human being have I hated?

We have to highlight the issues afflicting our women young and old just like men do mpaka calling each other boychild.
How do you explain a woman taking a £90,000 loan for a man tied up in a house in her name? and she has kids with him na sasa amemhepa?she dares default the bank closes in and she is homeless.
Convert this into Kenya Currency and then tell me kwanini hatashikwa na BP?

Ni vile nimechoka na hizi mambo and I repeat again mine naziona in real life. A man taking a loan to ‘improve’ the mother of his child is in order. And she should deliver pia yeye si kukaa matomoko.
The man is a hunter, gatherer!
I don’t support mwanamke aingie any marriage bila ‘something of her own’ to fall back to. This is not my Mum’s era of being provided for by kina my dad…this is different.

If you think it’s bad there come here, just check Tuko and the other Kenyan channels it’s like a pandemic of women robbed of their money. It’s bad.