Kenyan vs American introduction of a boyfriend to parents.

A 16-year old girl introduces her boyfriend
to her parents.
•American aspect•
Girl: (smiling)… Hi mum and dad… This is
Ben, my boyfriend…
Ben: (smiling too) nice to meet you (shakes
the parents)
Father: You are most welcome… Hope you
are taking care of my
little girl
Ben: Of course
Mother: Please stay for dinner
Ben: I’d love to… Thanks
• Kenyan aspect•
Girl: Papa, mama, meet James, (reluctantly)
my boyfriend…
Father: (says nothing but goes inside the
Mother: (shouting) So young man… You
want to make my
daughter’s life miserable…??
James: sorry maam… I love your…
Mother: SHUT UP!!
Father: (comes out with a panga)
James: (Runs for his life)


Shenzi peleka upuss mbali !! Bure kabisa!!


:D:D:D in Kenya you don’t introduce your “boyfriend” to your parents, you introduce the man who impregnated you


You will be asked which tribe your boyfrend comes from, his parents, where they work, education level e.t.c. Thats the tribal Kenya.


So we should allow any boy who is brought home without question or background checks ndio tusi onekane tukiwa ‘tribal’?


Shida za wenye kutaka kuoa.

Kama your father in law alikutenda namna hio, unaeza revenge. Lakini pia remember that today’s girl child never even bothers to tell her parents about her new found love. Utajua na kitambi…


si uende tu huko amerika atleast tutapumzika hii umeffi.

our culture is different,so is theirs that is why they take gayism as a normal thing,in our culture morality is highly valued ama you want to know who screws your teen daughter?

hii upuss inachekesha tu.

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Kang’ura wewe.

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I would want to know. Hii mambo ya kujifanya holier than thou ndio inatumaliza. It is normal for a teenager to have sexual desire and at least when I know what’s up I’m in a better position to deal with it and help her make the right decisions too. Sii vita kila saa kwa kila kitu


would you want to know who is dry frying your daughter really?..kama sisters bado uuma,mtoto wangu je?

Comes out with a panga :D:D:D:D:D

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Does not knowing eliminate the fact?

Is this how you introduced your boyfriend?

seriously guys . what happened to hekayas…these amateur shit is really becoming a bother here.

Inauma? Ur sick