Kenyan Schools Abuse Children Bana , Nursery kids waking up at 5am

The amount of abuse in our schools is shocking , i even saw nursery kids going to school at 5am … wtf


What fuckery is this. 3HRS of sleeep is enough for mammals. No wonder AFRICA IS A SHITHOLE.

Meza codeine bila kusumbua ass-bandit

overseas school kids huenda shule ata 9 bana , huku mtoto analala 4 hrs a night and you wonder why 80% fail … nikama kumeza dawa zote ndio upone… meffi reasoning

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Whoever has the children has the future

Wapi huko na since corona bado tuko likizo

What shocks me is the size of the school bags and the amount of homework the poor things are given. But perhaps my great annoyance is that after all that what next? Hiyo masomo yote ni ya nini?

9.15-3.15, 9.30-3.30…several inset training days for teachers, ile ilinichekesha sana, there is an interval in between GCSE exams so the poor dears can rest. And the way that child can grasp and articulate stuff unashangaa.

kenya needs change

Thats why nilitafutia Some Say Jnr shule iko walking distance from home. Anamka 7am tusumbuane mpaka 8:15 am then nimpeleke juu iko 10 min away from home. Kitu siwezi kubali ni ujinga ya kuamsha mtoto 4am ama 5am.

They wake up that early and go to be taught by low-IQ teachers who can’t even explain nor research…their work is to say the exact same thing that is in the syllabus book they crammed beforehand like reading a script and think they’re teaching. And still the syllabus book itself was written by a low IQed person poorly written, concepts poorly or not even explained leading a kid to just cram them but can’t understand what’s really going on or why is it happening so and so.

And if you happen to ask a bonobo teacher why is something so and so they won’t explain (because of the syllabus books themselves and also that they don’t research) but will rather just repeat to state the same thing that led you to ask the same question.

The kids hence learn a lot but very shallow learning. White kids on the other hand learn less but very deep properly explained content.

Hence you can’t compare the reasoning of the 2 kids eventually.

Kwanza have they stopped caning our kids?:saitan:

I doubt

Most private schools want to cane kids so they can cram and pass KCPE/KCSE and make the school a good destination for every parents kid.

And I was a good victim; my parents took me to Kakamega Hill School Primary Academy na nakumbuka tulichapwa vibaya sana ndio tupite.
The school itself scrapped of any co curricular activities ndio tusome vizuri. I came to even know of them when I entered High School. Learning there was from 4:30 the teacher enters at 5:00am till 8:50 pm, no breaks except short ones of a few minutes

Luckily, I joined a good High School in 2013 in Nairobi founded by a certain white guy from Britain not these hard cramming schools

That primary school really wasted us and it’s not like we even gained anything or were better than others academically even after that hard drilling. In fact we were at a big disadvantage

I remember once a teacher hit me for questioning what he had said. He told me, “don’t argue.”

oh my… ulijoin high school 2013…?!

Quite an observation. By the way should primary school teachers research? I bet they don’t. Even High School. Wacha Mr @Ndekwe atuambie.

:D:D:D Ah kumbe mimi ni mzee kama mtu aliingia shule 2013 ako hapa. In 2013 I was teaching English banae.

Hapo kwa high school you were luckier than most of us. Was it a boarding school? I detest boarding schools with a passion.

Shida ya wakenya ni moja ,“what will people think of me?”, mtu anaishi mwisho ya kayole but watoto wanasomea karen ndio jamaa na jirani waone vile kunaenda. Misplaced priorities ni akili ya bonobo