Kenyan Passport

Has anyone applied for passport renewal of late?Yangu ime expire na kuna trip ya south africa inakuja.Social media imejaa story za watu wana complain kuhusu delays with some saying they applied as early as November 2023 and upto now they are still waiting.Are there delays as well if someone applies eg in Kisumu or Mombasa?Saidieni fafadhali.

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How are the ques for biometrics? Which station has fewer and shorter ques wadau? Embu? Nakuru? closest to Nairobi

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Si niliskia yule mujamaa kindiki amefinya hao watu na Sahi things are working faster than before…ama ilikua PR

Enda hizi small outposts kama Embu au Kisii and apply from there. Then after two weeks piga simu Nyayo waambie uko na emergency, they would ask you to go to the office and then watakusaidia.


I renewed from Kisumu immigration office n it took 3 month. Tht was last year… things might have changed

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Renew yangu took about 2 months.
Though I had to fast track.

Do this:

  1. Register for renewal online.
  2. Walk to Nyayo house.
  3. Go to office number 17 with proof of requirements for fast tracking (like the trip date etc)
  4. Get approval for biometrics.
  5. Remember to carry your old passport and a copy of birth certificate and ID.

Ukikwama inbox me nikupee connection.


Barikiwa sana elder

Hiyo ETA portal yao sasa inaleta shida. Visa was taking 24hours ama 48 hrs alafu unapata. Sasa It has been 4 days na bado shida tupu.
Nothing works with this gava :frowning_face: