Kenyan Networks Authorised to Start 4G Trials

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Two of Kenya’s mobile network operators have been given regulatory permission to start testing LTE services ahead of a commercial launch.

Both Airtel and Orange were granted the permission by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

The country’s largest mobile network, Safaricom has already launched its 4G service, although coverage is limited to parts of Nairobi and Mombasa Island. It is still waiting for additional radio spectrum before expanding the network.

The regulator said that it expects the mobile networks to refarm their existing spectrum holdings if they want to launch 4G services, although the regulator is planning a spectrum auction following the shut-down of analogue television broadcasts.

Orange Kenya has not started on a 4G rollout, saying that it is focusing on improving its 3G services first.


ndio maana airtel wanashinda wakisema they are working on their network

na being itapungua lini?

Hii watu wana shida. Sasa Orange is discontinuing CDMA/EVDO even before operationalize gets HSPA. Who advises these guys?:frowning:

You must have enjoyed CDMA/EVDO for a good while.I am sure you feel like strangling whoever pitched for the switchover.

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Trust me I do. Safcom is too damn expensive but is the only HSPA signal huku kwa milima na mabonde, though CDMA signal is way more stable as it’s rarely affected by topography.

CDMA/EVDO was a contradiction of sorts and an open secret that only a few people cared to probe.It could possibly be the only good thing to come out of Orange.

I concur. But they seem intent on killing the goose that lays the golden egg. I have had friends deep in the ‘wilderness’ of Wajir, Mandera, Marsabit, etc and this has always been their network of choice especially for Internet access.

hope you meant bill…yeh, we need some serious competition ofcourse 4G/LTE will be damn expensive when working with bundles and so the 2bob/minute would be a better option(ile ya safcom),i simply load 100 bob and download stuff worth worth 18 terabytes in 50 minutes if im getting speeds of atleast 100mb/sec…

they want us to do away with our 3g gadgets and start shopping for the new 4g gadgets. uchumi hauwezi kwama