Kenyan media is a hotbed of mediocrity and stupidity...............

You tune in to any of the TV stations and all you can hear is that “Obama is the most powerful man in the world” and some juvenile fascination with the so-called “beast”. Really? And they call themselves the most sophisticated media in sub-Saharan Africa…

Where are the real stories from the Obama visit? An interview with that guy of Fubu? The cost of the trip to Kenyan/American taxpayers? An interview with Auma? Backgrround on Obama Sr with soundbites from guys who knew him? Security situation in terror-prone areas? Interviews with US senators/conressmen?

Mavi ya kuku, media.


Amen, antique. Its shallow, narrow hero worshiping!

There was one with Daymond from shark tank on NTV

Endelea kudinya points

Wacha watu wajibambe, swine wewe! Its not all that serious

I get my self watching local channels like once a week and I don’t lose much. Mavi ya kuku vile unesema describes these idiots.


Huh, Heshimu Obama pls, matusi baadaye.
But to quote something I read, can’t be bothered to remember where, 'watching local TV stations trying to outdo each other in coverage of the Obama trip is to lower your IQ.

Koigi Wa Wamwere
Our preoccupation with President Obama’s visit by the Kenyan media for the last one week is definitely over-excessive, embarrassing and somewhat demeaning. We don’t sound like an independent country at all. Despite security needs, we need some dignity for ourselves. Media should also stop treating and looking at Obama through the prism of our ethnicity. With this kind of over-concern with President Obama, how small do we make our President Uhuru feel? Is this how other countries receive President Obama? How easily can Kenyans surrender the sovereignty of their country?


what was with julie gichuru? ululating when welcoming Obama at the GES…i found it weird.o_Oo_Oo_O


U criticize a progi like young n rich…when the rich come here 4 some summit n the media ignores them kiasi n focus on the other side of things, u come here yapping! Wewe na huu useriousness umekuwa nao for 60+ yrs umekufikishapi? Has it earned u an interview even with ur local mother-tongue radio station ama ni kupayuka hapa anonymously…shenzi kabisa!

Watched the arrival on TV yesterday, but had to do so on mute. Embarrassing tales from the presenters. I do not know but could this have something to do with 8-4-4?

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@Kidinyi You had a million hills to pick and decided to die on the hill named Young & Rich?


I almost threw a glass to the telly. Nkt

Haya Kidinyi. You sound very very bright so am just gonna give up. YOU WIN. Hurraaayyy!!!

Honestly, I cant stand Julie but I thought that was a nice twist? I mean, we are African?


We gone back to the MO1 era when coverage could be directed to the most powerful man in the country. Lack of content/ creativity and excessive laziness in our Kenyan media is to blame … worse would be happening in this wonderful subsaharan nation only for us to be informed when Obama and related dignitaries are gone.

From the same guy who was almost falling over yesterday to be the first one to announce that Airforce One has landed



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weird and queer

I think we are being too hard on the media, they are just an accurate representation of Kenyans in general… I have just seen guys sweeping the statehouse podium using twig brooms, yeah twig brooms kama zile za kufagia bara bara… yaani hakuna vacuum cleaner statehouse ama ni nini??