Kenyan lesbians

Nashindwa hawa wanawake wamekataa kupigwa stick, mbona? mungu tulikosea wapi?

A woman understands another woman’s body better than we men . Was told by a lesbian friend.

My wife alikuwa ameanza kutembea na arif wake whom i came to know ni lele nlimsho akatize huo ubeste juu nliona naibiwa…

I just saw my neighbor in a “serious” lesbo relationship and few weeks ago, a dude was making her scream the most.
A thought of my “single mother” replacing me with a bean carrier got me thinking, what’s life anyway if not for the living?

Fuck! That ass is giving me goosebumps.


Ntalami ate dicks akachoka. let her try that lesbian stuff aone ikoje

Ni kama walizoea kuni wakaona ni gute wakajidai wajinyce wenyewe

Uliacha kutomba tunyanye?

Hao ni wengi mpaka hao huact machali huvaa kama chokoraa, they exaggerate the masculine look.

Many of these girls are bisexual , experimenting/confused or coping certain western celebrities. The next fad coming is sex change aka gender reassignment.

Many years ago, I had a girlfriend who used to be the “guy” in a past relationship. My colleague who was a lesbian is now a single mother, she was not visited by angel Gabriel.


Huyu Ntalami anatafuta clout by all means.

True story.kuna vile nliona hekaya flani ya dem wa naks vile alikuwa anadare wanaume vile angekatia madem wao na wangeingia box wasau wanaume waonjeve ikaniingia na ii place naishi,kenol town iko na visanga vingi vya malele kufumaniwa

kuna outbreak ya wasee wa out every three women is either bi ama les

Every woman around me but is bi or has been lesbian at one point

The mysteries of the klitoris :smiley:

Were you satisfied with this response? I do not think that attraction to another person is based on understanding their body, else it shouldn follow then that a man understands another man’s body than a woman.

Ntalami ni bi. Hii iko left ndio inakaa hard-core stud with 700 hours of experience under his belt :rolleyes:
1 out of 10 chilles I know are either experimenting bi or les. Hawa 20-26

Ungeomba threesome