Kenyan lady marries twin brother and bears child (Exposed)

These two clowns have admitted that they are not biologically related but they are look alike, stating that they were misquoted on numerous occasion. Clout chasing ama namna gani majamaa?


We move onto the next saga irregardless


Incest was punishable by stoning to death according to the Mosaic law.

In a new twist, it is the guy who married the lady

While at this, may I ask, why can’t sexual intercourse between a mother and a father also be termed as incest?

I want to say beautiful kid there this is not alright

mtazaa atwoli

Those are not blood relatives

I knew someone would say this, but why is sex between adopted and Foster relatives called incest?

Technically it’s not incest but ethically it is.

I can’t tell which one is the man

I know of two kids from the same father who got married without knowing they were related by blood. When their parents discovered, they didn’t prevent them or tell them the truth. They just blessed them and wished them a happy married life.

these are kids… my guess is, some low quality blogger found pictures on facebook, and cooked shit up for likes