Kenyan ladies are ugly.A bitter truth!

It has been a month since I arrived in Nairobi. I have gone to lots of places offices, clubs,bars etc and the one thing that i can attest even if i am brought before God is that Kenyan ladies are the ugliest in the entire east and central African region.

   I have visited Congo, Uganda,Rwanda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia and lately South Sudan before coming to Nairobi and therefore I have witnessed firsthand how women in these countries fare against Kenyan women.
     I used to hear it from people but now I'm bearing witness to this.I am sorry to say this but it is the Truth !

Are u kenyan?

what aspect of ugly…personality or physical appearance

Physical appearance, personality wise they’re good

Go and marry those beautiful ones,leave our wonderfully made sister’s to us.Shame on…

I’m sorry , i know it’s hard to swallow

This is a foolish Tanzanian troll. On Wednesday he wanted to come to Kenya to seek employment opportunities. Today he says he’s been in Nairobi for a month and has travelled all over Africa. Ooooliskia wapi Tanzanian shilling ikiwa na uwezo wa ku-fund such tours?

So were you born from clay? Just wondering how your mama looks, if you think she’s beautiful so do we with our Kenyan women

Easy brother easy, just swallow the truth

KTALK CSI never disappoints :D:D:D

Hio ghaseer irudi kwao TZ haraka we already have enough Tanzanian sissy boys n faggets here.

Rog maximus wewe gluetus maximus sana.


I thought hii utoto WaTz mliacha 2020…come on you better than this

The boy is depressed

Hakuna utoto hapa ,madem wa Kenya ni wabovu

Rudi Tanzania basi ghaseer

What country are you from

Ulilazimishwa kuja Kenya? Kula kwenu…

Mbona Watanzania wanapenda kufira madem mikundu? Just asking for research purposes, si matusi.