Kenyan Journos and documentary making skills

Compare kenyan journalists and their documentaries against other journalists from other countries. Especially this one about nightrunners looks all staged. Wonder how bbc financed and uploaded such shit on their news portal as part of their programmes.
And mohammed ali cant tell the EJK story coherently, a white dude from wherever comes to his backyard and does the story better than him. Hii journalism course ya aviation city college is wanting.

Jiulize kama zinakuaga documentaries au features


Hizo takataka za BBC Eye huwa sihesabu kama documentaries, just movies “loosely based on true events”. Since it was revealed that SA reporter had paid some guys to act as rapists, I no longer watch that shit. Alafu some brainless fool tells us night runners always run naked, but somehow, in his “documentary” they’re fully dressed, running in the full glare of flood lights. Taka taka. What I find even more amazing is that useless African viewers believe those “documentaries” to be 100% true. No wonder we were so easily colonized.

Spot on Mate, im going with feature films.

Yeah niliona hiyo ya My neighbor the rapist, wondered how a rapist, ciminallis anaeza jianika life life on tv. Makes sense that he mightve been paid, on the other hand, maybe aliona baadaye ameangusha sabuni kwa vile gova ya S.A. ingemfunga for multiple years, and decided to recant his story of being a rapist.