Kenyan Involvement in Arms Trade to South Sudan

Watch this DW exposé on how blatantly UN Arms Embargoes are ignored - Sudan, South Sudan, Myanmar, Congo…

In the case of South Sudan, Government of Kenya was involved.


Its ok for kenya to benefit after all S. Sudan will buy arms liwe liwalo

Is it Kinya benefiting ama some few fat cats pale kwa gava?

Aren’t they Kenyan ?
The transportation through Kenya also creates jobs albeit for a short time

Remember seeing these tanks passing pale Nairobi west on my way to work. Kindu 2007-8. There was little doubt in my mind they were in transit to Sudan. Hmmm…so this is the backstory.

You should start with the top. Germany-Ukraine-Russia spy agencies on behalf of their government were the movers of this deals. Kenya was just the transit for South Sudan. However due to Sudan protest we ended up owning them rather than risk restarting the North-South Sudan war.

They are them and don’t represent me as a Kinyan

Triko down, atanunua mboga na kadhalika so it still benefits the country

Owning them for how many days?

They are still here, if they go to south Sudan, Sudan threatened to resume war with them.

Shida iko wapi si watu wa Sudan wamezoea kulimana