Kenyan history

Morning wazito
Any recommendations for biographies and autobiographies relating to history of Kenya and forefathers.
Also where to get them preferably hardcopy but soft copy will also suffice.

tembea archives

@Meria Mata hebu kam kiasi

Kenya National Archives

[ATTACH=full]159531[/ATTACH]i recommend this will learn alot about Kenya pre-post colonial

Natoa wapi?

Endeea skoolfis yako mahali ulisomea wacha kusubua where were u in klas 5 GHC was about kenya.

Can I walk in and get a book ama archives mtu hufanya Aje?

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Zile vitu Meria Mata huweka hapa zilikuwa GHC? Shenzi

At a fee ama ununue social studies book 5 it talks about Kenya in general

No hard feeling brathe @Meria Mata witnessed the history being made

Go to archives you will be assisted…if you are in Europe go to any varsity esp Britain and look for Africana sections, they have a lot of materials on Kenya

tuma pdf

You can download many books in pdf format from
If you of course know the title/ISDN nr.
You register, it’s free and you good to go. Good luck

Vile @Lemah amesema hapo juu.

Go to TBT section, kila kitu iko hapo, @Ice_Cube mpe link.

Kuna mzito Charles Njonjo hajaandika kitabu, too bad for us

Maana ya jina KENYA (tbt) - TBT - Kenya Talk

TBT: The First Mutiny in Kenya - General - Kenya Talk

TBT. Kenya's history - General - Kenya Talk

@Ice_Cube wewe ni wetu, Tuma playbill nilipe

Archives kunayo…hii ni copy yangu.