Kenyan Flava: Odi & The Javset (a.k.a Apex Suede) - What Do Villagers Think?

Sup guys…
My bro’s a producer/sound engineer/artist and been trying to figure out how to get his name out there. Don’t have [I]connecs /I in the music industry personally.
So, I thought the village might serve as sort of crucible and testing ground.
I particularly like his (afro/deep) house and Kenyan flava tracks.

Anyway give him a listen, visit his pages linked below. Give your critiques here or directly on his social media.

His page on SoundCloud:

His EP While based in London:

House tracks:





Kenyan Flava:





So, have a listen. You can leave feedback here.

If you want to work with him on tracks or sound engineering projects you can give him a shout or inbox me and I’ll alert him - He’s got some good experience.
He can do theme music for events, create intro music, among other things. Any DJs out here want to give his stuff a go on your house or Kenyan sets, feel free. Or, inbox me your contacts and maybe you guys can work something out.

And no, he doesn’t know I’m doing this.

Play all songs loud. :smiley:

Cheers villagers!

I like that “Triumph” track

Thumbs up to him. Finally, a producer who has diversified into music other than the usual kapuka.

I can see the house music doing really well in the South African market if you market it there. Vocals in the EP were low and difficult to hear kwa hii SQNY yangu.

Airlines, hotels, high end stores, boutiques, salons are some of the places to try and market this awesome music. Let me know if you need help to this end.

I wish him well and he should keep on producing music he’s feeling

Cheers mzito! Please share with &/or tag any DJs who you think might be interested, or even friends who might be willing to try something different!

Asante kaka!
Much appreciated!
Will show him this page & the responses soon and let him know.

Feel free to share the jams, with friends, and so on.


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Feedback is much appreciated. Please tag or share with any villagers or friends alike who might feel this type of music.

Can’t be immune to this kwanza the kenyan flavaas.
Awesome music.

Ngoja niingie KPMG niitwange na WiFi ya D’Souza.
Lakini, hii nugu yako ya Randaan inaweza produce WD40 pia?

Hii si kapuka with makeup?

Cheers mzee. Share and/or play loudly wherever you’re having fun.

:smiley: which track?

:D:D:D If only Jatelo! Might be something to think about.

is it possible for him to create a jam with a Benga feel which is an authentic Kenyan music.
Sande sana

I’ll ask him. I think he was coming up with a modern benga feel. Will let him know.

Hey Bakayaro, will listen to them today evening and see whether I can muster an opinion on his works.

if he does so kindly upload it on SoundCloud and give us a link

Cheers bro! Any feedback appreciated and if you like any go ahead and share.

Got it!

Mzee, could you please inbox me your contacts and I can link you two together.
He would like to have a conversation.

Wah, seeing this thread today.I like .

@Nefertities bae, njoo kidogo.