Kenyan flag on the moon

This is not a life and death issue, not a crisis,but as the world remembers the day when humans landed on the moon,we ask a few questions.
Did the moon landing actually happen? If yes,why the conspiracy theories that challenge the event?
The US government then paid for the three astronauts and diplomats around the world to preach the American gospel of Cold War victory against the East.This event was so strategically important to President Richard Nixon that he made the then US Secretary of State William P. Rogers to meet Western allies;Jomo Kenyatta was one of them.In February 1970,Rogers travelled to the Gatundu home of Kenya accompanied by Dr.Njoroge Mungai.When the two reached the president’s home,the Secretary of State gave Kenyatta a Kenyan flag that was supposedly taken to the moon by the American astronauts so symbolise global peace and cooperation.Rogers also gave the old man a small rock from the moon.
The question is this, does the government ministry that looks after historical things have these two gifts? Sounds like trivia but these are some of the hidden treasures that could educate our youth and multiply tourism in East Africa, such simple things.
Meanwhile,let us give due respect to physics, is there any good reason why the American flag was flapping in a vacuum on the moon?
Then over here in Africa we are condemned for practising witchcraft.
kaslim kwenu kanauzwa mangapi

The rock and the miniature flag were taken to a private residence in Gatundu. They were bequeathed to the old man. Obviously they are part of the family heirloom.

Why physics?

Soon you’ll be able to see them in a museum.

A private museum?


Kenyatta family mpaka wana grab some moon land, as for the conspiracy theorists just google there is more than ample evidence of the moon landing, or check out myth busters on the moon landing episode, that chapter is closed .

Forget about landing on the moon, but do you know that America lost the War on Pacific and, or the Vietnam War which was as a retaliation after the hit on Pearl Harbor.

But they, Americans, never accepted defeat.

What kind of history is this?

The Americans never went to the moon. Never. That explains why they’ve never gone back. They never had the technology then nor do they have it now. Humanities best chance lies with Space X, Virgin Galactic et al who are solving the problems that have kept man from landing on the moon.

The furthest watu wamefika ni ISS.

We may have a moon landing in the next decade.

On the rock and flag. The moon rock was on display at the national museum for the longest. Saw it as a kid. They removed that whole space display from the museum exhibition halls. Maybe they found out the rock was a hoax? Sielewangi. I used to love that room.

Ile kamkebe ya The University of Nairobi ilifika Ozone layer kweli?

These are very difficult questions that no one will give us exact answers to. But personally I have no doubt that the Americans were on the moon. About the development of the flag: it was explained that the flag was in the cover, and when it was removed, the flag cloth in reduced gravity began to unfold, and the residual deformation of the springy reinforced mesh created the impression that the flag is flapping like in the wind. Yes, and the Internet is full of evidence that they really were there. It would surprise me if the flag had a [COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]bright energy-saving light . Then I would be sure we were being lied to. Don’t doubt your country, we are the only ones who did. This is our history.

She never came back. Such a blonde moment