Kenyan developers are a joke. Look how tiny this 'luxury house's ' rooms are


ile mbilikimo… @Fala 12 iliKufa

I think it shows a total disregard for people’s money. The arrogance! As if people can eat “location.”

Randy amekula doo .

engineer can’t differentiate a motor and and an engine
@Fala 12

who can finish this fraud

fala12 alikuwa anaTaka bike iko na motor na generator…,
the hell
8.4.5 to the sewer
tena ikuwe dogoh

Ngoja @Randy akuje amuonyeshe how there is “value for money” hapa :D:D:D

Wacha middle class waendelee kukamuliwa na ma-bigfish. It is easier to rip off 200 middle class idiots than 100k peasants.

Fundi konde lazima a justify hii upus

Utaambiwa ati ni ‘minimalist approach’

Very nice interior design, but there isn’t enough space to call it luxurious.

Kenyan developers are not jokers. They are serious conmen. Its the buyers who are jokers, clueless, and don’t respect their own sweat and money.
mtu akirusha vito vyake vya thamani kwa nguruwe, tutamsaidia aje?

It’s only in Kenya where a thug aka investor can sell a three bedroom house in Kitengela for 8.5m. Whereas you can build the same house for 1.5m. People don’t value their hard earned money in this country.

biachara ya mkikuyu ni ngumu…ukitaka kununua tafuta agent msomali best deals

randy mi modo…cheap things sold expensively are his thing

So where can a simple peasant find cheap deals to compare na midro crass

Tutaendelea kukamuliwa till we learn to do stuff ourselves, do not listen to professionals they sell fear and how difficult and expensive it is to do anything.