Wadau kimbieni chaturbate saa hii. kuna madem kama 20 wa kenya huko. kienyeji tupu. just use vpn to hide your location since they block users from kenya from viewing. HAPPY FAPPING


So now you wont see Kienyeji physically


how much money do they make in one session… i hear its better money than hawking puzzy in koinange

Just normal whores doing what they do best.

One I use to take slices smh… she said that a side hustle…

Niliwacha porno kwa hivyo siwezi angalia hio Chaturbate

sema tu ukweli

Handle yako ya kawaida ni gani?

They can make alot. 100 tokens(currency used on the website)is around 5 dollars. A good looking girl can make 1000 tokens within 2 hours.But most of these girls are hired by pimps so they get whatever amount the pimp decides.I was keen and realized that about 10 of those girls were in the same house.A mansion with a pool.

tafuta effidens nani

hata stand ya kuwekea wig pekee hakuna

a house here in Kenya?

Why would they use a pimp for cam job

10mins 100tokens= $11 na dem anachew miraa. Felt cheated

Fucked a girl who is a cam girl, told me she makes upto 5k per day. 30x5000=150000 Lakini alitoka cause aliexposiwa

What do you loose if ur aleady exposed.

Your dignity! If that has meaning to you, Her friends and family found out.

yes.I could tell they are in kenya because they spoke in sheng and listened to kenyan songs on speaker.This article from 2013 is proof .
Prostitutes embrace modern technology | Nation

Must be hot_laurah