Kenyan artists are just dumb. Case in point jaruo khaligraph

Bonobo inatoa wimbo wa kamnyweso and the video is in some sort of quarry or whatever this is

Then he is somewhere dancing with Maasai??? in a song about kamnyweso.

Bonobo should have used the opportunity with Sarkodie to venture into West African market. He started well and dissed Nigerian artists and got a lot of publicity but jaruo back to collabo in a quarry . He should cease from collaborating with any Kenyan artist apart from sauti sol and build an international rapport with other artists like Diamond. Alafu anakuja kucomplain ati Kenyan media doesnt play Kenyan songs when you clearly are not using the resources available to you

Nigga doesn’t know hii ndo peak yake na anaelekea 40…akina Bien should advice this bonobo. I remember when Sauti sol spent a couple of years overseas releasing ‘funny’ songs, then came back to bonoboland to enjoy after milking junguz hundreds of millions. Huyu is doing the opposite.

i enjoyed the song though, at the end of it Khaligraph ni mtoto wa nyumbani, let him entertain us .

Ako kwa music industry kutafuta pesa meffi. Earning from the local or international market doesn’t matter as long as the dollars are coming

compare this video to zzerro sufuri’s, a ghetto youthman who confessed that he barely makes any money in music… but 4k video… artistry matters

I am talking about artistry not about money. At least he should put effort and not complain when he is obviously a co-author of the problems facing his industry. Mtu ako na millions in his disposal and this is the quality of his videos. Compare to his USA video which was recorded and edited in less than 2 hours.

He saw Awilo do this video with Eric Omondi and he thought he could emulate his hero… :smiley:

An artist is also a business man. Why spend millions on a video?
Have in mind that a new song has hype but with time the hype fades out
Khaligraph stature can achieve a Kshs 1M booking fee when the song has the hype and mostly he will get from corporates
Majority of his performances are in clubs which pay 50k per show. That means he needs atleast 20 shows to break even if you have 1M video.
Quality videos have high budget. The ROI is not worth it

There’s no music in Kenya

Why are you going on about money when @Lordsavegery has clearly stated that he’s not arguing from the production cost angle? And you are making the assumption that this particular video is cheap which I doubt. OP is arguing on the disconnect between the imagery in the video and the lyrics. A good video should easily bring out the themes or even the emotions of the song without any further exposition.

Undiscerning audience.

Like HELLO by Adele. Simply brings out the theme & the emotions.

I listen to TPOK jazz from January to January

Asante sana that’s music.
Tres impoli
12600 lettres
Those songs remind me of my father:(:(:frowning:

I don’t listen to a lot of secular Kenyan music but I have to question the weight/importance of a video to a song.
Can a video make or break a song? If the song is good enough a video should be an afterthought.
This is like majoring on minor things imo

Leta link ya ngoma yako moja. Moja tuu.

This is what listening to Kenyan music

Low IQ hating bonobo… Mr. Jones ako sawa. Wewe pambana na beinya sukari vile imepanda kwa pigsty.

I can see how you can do that - one tpok jazz number is like 2 hours.

sasa WEWE leta link ya ngoma yako moja. Moja tuu.

Music videos aren’t required to have continuity or direct translation of lyrics to photos. Case in point, watch most of Linkin Park’s videos. Hapo ni story ya video script writer na editor. Kazi ya msanii ni kuimba. In more advanced countries the singer doesn’t even write the song. Kila mtu kazi yake.