There is no government in Kenya. Its a man eat man society. Bora tu you have the instruments of power and resources. Kama wwe ni peasant maisha itakuwa balaa

What exactly is a government?

upuus, last week you celebrated an holiday without asking questions as to why and now tell us there is no government???
while you were having a good time in bed we were ushering in a new government, sober up bana

Say, you can easily test your assertion by

  1. Taking your entire clan for picnic at the statehouse gardens
  2. Burn and blow up anything that says GoK
  3. Block roads and highways and throw projectiles at the citizens
  4. Ongezea mawaidha yako hapa…

Go do those things I have started here, and please, do come back and narrate your experience.

Acha story mob, mtume cendro bolis stesen agojolee gari ya mkubwa!