Kenya would be better off without These Bonobos

This post is not a general attack on any tribe but the leadership and the elite of the tribes mentioned and we have given leadership responsibilities since indipendence. Its not about a common loaf like @Motokubwa but the elite. Its not a pleasant thread either but a damning assessment and conclution of the fact that we have been led by idiots.
Harsh as it may seem, Kikuyus and by extention the kalenjin have offered Zero positive leadership if the chance they have been given at the helm since independence is anything to go by. They have only proven to be merciless bandits of the economy , land grabbers led by that rotten corpse J.K, insatiable thieves, uncouth and planless idiots, which under their leadership turned a once clean city left by the white man into a filthy unsafe slum undesirable for human residence. Etc.
They have ruined a once vibrant economy which could have surpassed many a countries economies into a debt ridden shithole and were the mzungu a brother who left the country to his sibling and went away, he would cry at the massive looting, underdevelopment, mismanagement upon return. The stupid pride at nothing and terrible impoverishment of the countries led by these two tribes but the kikuyus in particular is mind boggling. I think Kenya would have been a a first world country if maybe another tribe was in power. Heri hata tungepea mhindi.
In short these two tribes overate themselves, are pompous idiots and have led the country to a free fall in debt, hopelessness, poverty and ruin. Enough chance has been given to them. The further they are from leadership the better for even the common Kiuk peasant. Pompous and overrated, the mzungu knew a thing when he insisted on leaving power to a people who had no moral or semblance of ethics and have sucesfully in turn infected the other tribes with this selfish virus. It has also made the other trbes leaders like Raila infected with the virus and makes him icapable of leading at all. The mzungu knew nothing much would amount of Kenya under their leadership, only massive looting and trillion dollar debts hidden back in Europe. A hopeless leadership which caters more for the foreigners interests than its own people. If you dont believe me look at how the average kiuk peasant is a dejected grumbling lot now pretending to regret voting in Uhuru but would rush to the debe tommorow to defend uthamaki even if it meant massive endless shafting by the kiuk elite. A voter who is swayed by empty rhetoric and emotions rather than logic. These also speaks volumes about their average IQ by the way. If i were to give a scorecard i would give them a hopeless E. PATHETIC TO SAY THE LEAST. Imagine if Kenya had a leader like Kagame at indipendence for example. Someone who actually is capable of reason and critical thinking. Its not rocket science, it achievable if we set aside our bonobo jungle software
Kenya is better of without your bonobo leadership



The mzungu started to prepare early and created brainless kikuyu elites. I still wonder how people support such people who have benefitted nobody but themselves

Look no further than how your counties are ran. If there is hope, mobilize your supporters to the man the next General election

i thought with devolution , we were supposed to witness coming up of new economic centers around .ke, especially counties dominated by somalis , with their higher than average IQ, lakini wapi . Anyways, as stated above, the game will be changed at the county level. so, what kind of MCA’s are we electing ?

There are some counties that have improved thanks to devolution, though wengi wanaiba sana

Most Kenyans dont even know the role of an MCA. Those counties receive around 5b a year not enough to make a major change in 5 years

Peasants are hypnotised by handouts during campaigns and run around like rabid dogs saying mutu yetu etc and at the end it is disastrous coz io doh politician alikupea lazima airudishe!
If we need a change in kenya we must fix us!

How do we fix us, ever thought of offering your candidature to see how far you would go, whether people will buy into your vision instead of watching goons sanitizing themselves buying church and other local leaders. Egepussy think about this. Even the most vile of aspirants sell themselves off as God’s chosen people

Kwetu wanasema ukionekana una pesa ya kuliwa unambiwa run for an office!

Every major tribe by and large backed their man i.e.

Kyuk - Uhunye
Kale - Ruto
Luo - Rao
Kao - Kalonzo
Luhya - Madvd

No tribe can point fingers at another tribe.

All of them voted in their own self interest.

Every tribe backs the elite of their tribe… and none of these elites (regardless of tribe) is untainted.

Luhyas happen to the most democratic tribe in Kenya.

Kisiis too.

i agree

This is what you would have us think. But the reality is that the luhya clans can’t stand each other. They would rather vote for an outsider. Out of all the presidential candidates who have offered themselves for election who would you vote for?