Kenya warned over closing world's biggest refugee camp

Geneva (AFP) - The United Nations warned Kenyan authorities Tuesday that closing the world’s biggest refugee camp complex would have “extreme humanitarian and practical consequences” and would violate international law.

On Sunday, the Kenyan government said it had asked the UN refugee agency to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees from the sprawling Dadaab refugee camp by July in the wake of the Garissa University massacre claimed by Shebab insurgents from Somalia.

“We recognise the obligation of the government to ensure the security of its citizens and other people living in Kenya, including refugees,” UNHCR spokeswoman Karin de Gruijl told reporters in Geneva, expressing shock at the April 2 attack that left nearly 150 people dead.

UK government is made up of mad people,simply because you’re a government does not mean you do as you please.
Proof is needed to show that the camp provide or is a hideout or breeding ground for terrorist or else ni hekaya.
The UN is right to stop them they need to think harder and admit their failure in handling security.

Yes i support this , it would take months to relocate those refugees…and the weak will suffer alot

another knee jerk reaction…hata kama kuna alshabab kwa hiyo camp they wont simply disappear after they close down that camp…


I support the government. Closing that camp is a good idea, as long as UNHCR is involved within a specific time frame. They have been living here for 25 years, it is time for them to consider going back to Somalia.

Unajua ni pesa ngapi zinaingia Kenya coz of that camp through NGO’S and how many jobs are created , and how many pple are fed from there…I was reading a site for refugees living in Europe and they draw so much hope and strength from Daadab and Kakuma…they got life skills, education , family ,love and a whole lot of opportunites there n they help their poor relatives. This enabled them to get scholarships ,they are what they are today due to that.

Just think how many lives will be wasted when you tell them to go back to their war torn countries …acting on rush decisions

aagh, funga yeye. this thing is being bolitisized

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Hatutaki pesa inafanya watu wetu wafe kama mbwa. Screw that money. The NGO’s can find other jobs for their people but we don’t want a camp that hosts terrorists who kill Kenyans. KENYANS’ SAFETY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT REFUGEE CAMP.

I am of the opinion that all leaders of warring countries and their families should be the first to be deported. Its unacceptable how they grow fat living large in Kenyan hotels while their masses suffer. No peace can be brokered if there isn’t any urgency; how can they have that urgency when wobbling from one hotel tm another?


Especially those South Sudanese fuckers. I normally see many S. Sudan government vehicles in Nairobi yet their country is unstable.

This is fine , these ones should be deported first …wakipata shida kwao they will get common sense on how to solve their countries problems

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Look at the bigger picture …how many of the terrorists from West gate & Garissa attack were from daaadab? Terrorists can even be from
Eastleigh or South C . As long as the kenya polce, govt officails r corrupt and sleeping on the job.Pple will still die, it has nothing to do with Daadab


closing down the camps wont make kenya safe nor will building a wall around the country ( hata waongeze roof), the only solution is stopping corruption among the low and mighty kenyans


Closing the camp is a medium term solution, we can’t host it forever. I agree with you on those other points.

Daadab is a milk cow for dozens of humanitarian organisations who receive billions in funding from charity organisations, religious institutions and governments.I know a guy who works for Norwegian refugee council who earns 767,000 pm and he is among the ‘lowly’ paid guys at his workplace.Sasa if they close down the camp, how will these guys survive?And of course they will do all the lobbying they can to ensure that never happens.

Very true …it’s a milking ground especially for DRC, NRC, UNHCR and many N.G.O’ s but by the end of the day they do some good…camps should be closed
but with correct procedures.

Since fahali wakipigana nyasi ndio huumia … the poor n the vulnerable will suffer if they r hurriedly closed

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with all the education, skills that they have acquired let them now go back rebuild their country. now that the born-in-the-camp generation has started reproducing when will the problem end?

As for the money coming in do we continue spawning more pproblems because we are getting some dollars?

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There should have been no posts after Fala’s. No one can add more sense to that. Fala, hats off.

so according to you corruption can be stopped overnight ?? just like that ?

That camp is going nowhere, It’ll still be there in 2022 elections.

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