Kenya vs Ethiopia Sunday 14th October

Ati Sonko has 150 buses to ferry fans from City Stadium to Kasarani.
Sports minister amesema game ni free… Hakuna kulipa.
Hii lazima niende. Do not bring valuables though. Hiyo raia ni mbaya.


I am very tempted to go but the fear getting mugged is overwhelming…

I have a feeling of a 0-0 draw halafu vurugu ianze…avoid

recipe for chaos… I will not attend because me huenda kuona ball na my first born son, cant imagine vurugu ikitoka na niko na 9 year old

Si you just lave your 9 year behind…or if haja yako ni 9 year old, stop thinking about ball. Hii ni kama kusema sitaenda kwa choo coz wallet iko kwa mfuko. Lame!

Already assembled my 8 man squad. Hao vijana wa Mwiki and elsewhere watakuja harvesting…
Girlfriends na the lil ones hii itabidi wakae nyumbani.
It’ll be a ‘disaster’ but a fun one.
Our plan is to be around the stadium by 2pm. Ata queue ikiwa sana mbaya by 3-3:30 tuko inside.
Gate 14 as always.
After the win reggae lazima iendwe.

raha yangu ni kuona ball na kijana yangu… CHIETH!!!

That`s a recipe for a stampede, I hope polisi watakuwa wa kutosha

Siri ni kutoka 80th minute kama man u fans. I pity the kasa stadium management. Wanajua tu viti lazima zing’olewe whether we win or lose

Hehehe…Lazima nitokee.Wa kupigwa bora uhai.Apana tambua mwanaume.:D:D

Sigwes. My life important

I will go. We are 1 win away from Africa Cup of Nations. My last Kenyan game i attended was the Gor vs AFC in 2010 which 10 people died. I used the same gate for the stampede. What saved us is it rained before the match na we were already in Nyayo, the people who died probably come from town after the rains. The rains stopped pounding just 30 minutes to kick off. So you can imagine the stampede after guys arrived from town with the match almost starting.

I know maan. Huko ni nomaree sana, kwanza if Kenya looses. Kama umewahi enda game za nyayo stadium there was/is a place ‘nicknamed’ Russia. Anyway, from experience Mafans wa ball huwa na chocha mingi sana lakini kama unawaelewa unaweza za wao game itashika…
There was a time tulienda Nyayo stadium with a pickup… Wacha mafala wadandie by force. Eventually when I flushed out some weed, walishuka wote and thanked us. Actually walituambia next time tukipatana with them nobody will bother us.
I’m not even a hardcore football fan( I don’t watch Premier, La Liga even world-cup I watched 3 games) but game za Harambee Kubwa I never miss them (if I’m in Kenya) .
To me it’s an excuse to act silly, smoke weed, booze up, scream my lungs out, de-stress and life goes on.
Don’t let some goons deny your son an experience of his lifetime. Park at TRM, don’t bring flashy stuff that will make you stand out. Wear your country’s colours. Blend in with the crowd na game itabamba.
Last game ya Ghana was very peaceful. ((Hehe…Lakini kuna watu walisanywa kwa carpark)).

Never missed a game too kwanza derby.

Russia in Nyayo huwa balaa. Weed is openly smoked, no cops go near that area.
When in Nyayo we chill at the terraces between Russia and the scoreboard.

For the Ghana game pia kush was available. But we normally carry our own stash. Most of the stuff huko is tucker-tucker… We also parked at TRM rooftop and took bikes to the gate.
Sunday hio barabara itakuwa nightmare from around 2pm to way past 7… No need to go with a car unless very necessary.

About security, ni kukaa tu radar. Being a group is good idea.

Kuna time game ya Mathare champions league tulipa 50 bob VIP Nyayo around 2008

Mpaka upper terraces Kasarani weed ni something common.Hapo ndio mimi hujibanza.

This is a bad move to make it free, they could have made it ksh100, sio hardcore fans watakua. the stadium will be full like Ethiopia but no enough cheering for the team. Pay the team good money for motivation and dismiss the white coach. Hawajawai tupeleka mahali. Last time we qualified for AFCON we had our own coach.