Kenya vs Algeria.. We Arabs always come out top

Arabs ride or die

Were Tanzania playing jundo na karate ama ni Mimi nlikuwa naona zangu

Better die trying.

It was rough

Abeeds like you are not one of us.
I need a Somali maid. Ogadeni preferably.
Must be hard working not like those lazy bums who went to Yemen as refugees.

The Somali was right. Harambee Stars were outperformed. Ni kama they had no sense of urgency na their opponents looked like they had more energy. There will be no miracles in Egypt for Harambee Stars in 2019


Ndugu yangu pliz wacha za hizo njoo bana. Njoo kwanza tusaidiane watu wote hapa home wameishia Dadaab

never meet a somali maid working for kenyans but there are thousand of kenyan maids,is your mother hard working?

we cant all survive with eating junk and plasticc

There are Somali maids in Jeddah left right and center.
My mother would employ you as the Biodigester cleaner, Abeed.

There is no such thing as a somali maid fool,but i am sure your mother can qualify as good maid