Kenya tops Africa by a mile in internet penetration

Kenya recorded the highest internet penetration rate in Africa in the year 2020. This is according to a ranking by Internet World Stats (IWS), showing that 87.2 percent of the country’s population was connected to the internet.

Figures from the Communication Authority (CA) indicate that in quarter one of 2020/2021 financial year (July to Sept 2020), the country recorded 43.45 million internet/data subscriptions, an increase of 4.8 percent from the previous quarter.

The IWS ranking shows Libya had the second highest internet penetration in 2020 with 74.2 percent while Seychelles came in third with 72.5 percent penetration. Nigeria remains the top country in terms of the total number of internet users with over 126 million internet users—her internet penetration rate however, stood at 61.2 percent.

Regionally, internet penetration rate stood at 46.2 percent for Rwanda, 40.4 percent for Uganda, 38.7 percent for Tanzania, 17.8 percent for Ethiopia,10.7 percent for Somalia and 9.7 percent for Burundi.

Western Sahara had the least internet penetration with a rate of 4.7 percent. South Sudan was the second last country with 7.9 percent penetration, while the northeast African nation Eritrea followed with 8.3 percent penetration for her estimated population of 3.5 million people.

Internet penetration rate is the percentage of the total population in a region that is connected to the internet.

Money was poured

Nope it was kibaki who made it possible. He was a true performing leaders. Wacha na Hutu tushoga tuili tumwizi twa jubilee.

Kibaki na bitage ndemo. Huyu minister Joe mfalme ajafanya kitu.

Mucheru ni kelele mingi. Mimi huona ni kama alikuwa akifangia pale Google headquarters. Meffi yeye

Internet penetration sisi huwa mbele Sana, even ahead of US.
Kibaki’s govt had some serious visionaries.
I’m surprised at Rwanda’s low internet penetration. Really separates the wheat from the chaff. Reinforces the building retoric ni Kigali pekee iko developed.
Starlink ya mzito Elon Musk will exponentially change internet connection, cost and most importantly turbo boost the speeds. Read a piece pale UK , Starlink connection changed the speeds from 0.5 Mbps to past 200MBps huko

Some parts of US hata kupata 4mbps ni soda.Starlink purpose was to target such areas
Hii kitu ifike Africa manze

All thanks to Safaricom internet. They are widely available in the whole country, reliable, fair and good customer care service. If we were left to ISP’s, airtel and Telkom then we would below top 10 in Africa.

Now let’s await Safaricom 5G, they were to launch it this year after getting provisional license from CaK. However that was dependent on Gov ending the corona measures on mobile money transfer that cost Safaricom 16 billion in revenue. Since it was done then it should be back on.

Turequest hii kitu hapa chini na ubaya Kwa site yake aone demand iko juu aturushie satellite mbili hivi


Hao walirusha satellite ya internet juu bana…

Bwana @spear, safaricom is inexcusably very exorbitant! Their “affordable” fibre is only available in just a few regions. If safaricom adjusted their prices downwards to the same level as their competitors labda hio penetration ingekua 100%. Kwa sababu most tecno/infinix phone owners, who are majorly in urban centres and are undoubtedly the majority internet accessors are on airtel and telkom. Airtel sells 200 mbs for 20 Bob valid for a day!

Apana, I have tried those affordable alternative that are slow, unreliable and zero customer care. A minute lost in business is far much expensive than even the full monthly subscription. Kwanza since airtel sold/leaseback its base stations and fails to pay rent. They got switched off on most base stations and their network degraded worse than Telkom.

Penetration in fibre has Safaricom on the lead, this year they are spending 20 billion on further expansion of fibre. Hawa wengine combined are spending how much to expansion. Sorry no excuses for poor service. Wauze company if they can’t hack it.

This, Mr, will be said by only you and a few others Who are like you. Impatient with a slight fault from the ones you dislike but exceedingly tolerant with anything, however bad, the one you like throws at you. Safaricom doesn’t have those phenomenal speeds people talk about. You won’t even notice the difference, and if any is noticeable, it is the unwarranted huge price difference in favour of safaricom! Don’t you forget we are also in Kenya. I have all the lines except equitel and I use them, each at opportune time save for faiba 4g which I set aside for being useless

I have also those lines, modems zote. Even Faiba I got to promote a sales person there. I have heavy usage ya biashara. Safaricom is the only one that gives you what it advertises. The rest is up and down constant fluctuations. Besides do you know Safaricom can’t compete on a price war with its rivals. Anti competition laws will mean they are penalized. This is because if they match competition prices or go lower all these other ISPs and mobile companies will collapse. They thing they have offered is cheaper rates for the last 10 years. No innovation, no new products, badly ran, increasing debts and slow to pay suppliers/agents. For national and peoples interests they have been given that space to survive. Telkom at least get good constant revenue from Treasury for maintenance of government networks, national fibre projects and signals. Airtel struggles with debt and poor management record is why Parliament refused the merger with Telkom. They were adding zero value to Telkom yet taking everything from it. Right now this year Safcom is evolving for financials company fully. Awaiting regulatory approvals from CMA to start a money investment fund. They are also awaiting Insurance regulator to issue personal, business and life insurance. All this revenues go to expand tech infrastructure. Hawa wengine wanaongojea nini?

Hii penetration yote must be Safaricom, certainly more than half of it. 60-70% hapo.

Don’t even talk about this!!! This is only a slight fraction of Internet service available in only a few selected suburbs and it is like it is meant for a niche-like clientele! NimekwambiA Internet inaliwa via itel, xtigi, infinix, tecno and the New kids on the block xiaomi, realme na oppo. Fibre is a foreign word to many Internet users myself ncluded!

Online meetings has proven to me that we are leaps & bounds ahead of Europe (UK) and US is such a pale shadow.

I’ve never dropped a single call of the hundreds I held last year. Lakini watu wa UK & US audio issues galore plus video quality ni kama image was taken by a frosted pinhole & processed in mud.

Safaricom is expensive, period! Regardless of whether wanatufanyia nini ama nini! Vodacom is Safaricom in Tanzania, no simile used here! Why don’t they price their products the same way here like they do in Tanzania?

Tell them ,80% of Kenyans had their first internet experience on a phone

Yeah, exactly!
And also 80% of Kenyans belong to the shoestring-budget segment, watu wa economy ya kadogoo!

Najua xvideos ndio imeshikilia kwa visitors