Kenya To Import Covid Vaccines From Uganda....?

[SIZE=7]Uganda-made Covid vaccine will be ready soon, says President Museveni[/SIZE]

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Friday said production of a more effective Uganda-made Covid-19 vaccine was nearing an advanced stage, as infections continued to surge, with government hospitals and medics overwhelmed.


‘‘We are working on our vaccine. Actually, our vaccine will be better than all others because it will cover all variants,’’ the President said in a televised address.
According to Mr Museveni, production of the vaccine in Uganda was delayed by lack of Covid-19 patients.
‘‘Around April, we had a problem. We did not have enough patients. Now there are plenty of patients (for trials),’’ he noted, further stating that he was in touch with several actors worldwide, to help solve the vaccine crisis.
‘‘The vaccines we got cover few virus variants like the original Wuhan and India strains. The vaccines which are there now may not cover the risk,’’ Mr Museveni added as he announced stricter measures to contain the viral disease.

[SIZE=6]Medical autonomy[/SIZE]
The President also touted a possible breakthrough in highly effective Uganda-made Covid-19 therapeutics.
‘‘They are not yet published but I have two lines of treatment with my people, quietly. [sic]. In one, they have treated 70 people and 58 have recovered,’’ he said, while also projecting that by June 25, Ugandan scientists will have covered the clinical trial cap of 120 subjects required for medicinal approval.
According to Mr Museveni, Uganda will, by 2022, be medically autonomous after ‘‘seeing how dangerous it is to depend on others for life".
‘‘By the coming year, Uganda will not be dependent on outsiders for medical solutions. We shall get our own solutions, vaccines, therapeutics…’ he said.

[SIZE=6]Herbal treatment[/SIZE]
As questions about the efficacy of herbs in Covid-19 treatment continue to linger, Mr Museveni said:
‘‘Some of our educated scientists knew about the traditional medication.
One of them is aware of some herbs used to treat measles and herpes simplex viral infections."

With thousands of Ugandans already locked in a Covid-19 self-medication gamble, the President claimed one of his experts cured about 30 patients using some herbs.
‘‘When the virus came, I talked to him and he said he had applied this herb on 30 people and that they all recovered,’’ he said.
For Mr Museveni, ‘‘the ultimate solution to the Covid-19 virus challenge is getting our people vaccinated’’ under a public health approach where ‘‘prevention is still the best solution".

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry on Saturday announced 1,397 new cases, which raised the number of declared infections in Uganda, since the outbreak was confirmed in March last year, to 70,176. The government said 42 more deaths were confirmed overnight, raising the toll to 626.
The number of recoveries was 49,327, the positivity rate 15 percent, the number of tests conducted 1,248, 469, and the number of vaccinated people 821,659.

Better to buy the vaccines in advance.



Siamini M7. Naishi hapa na hii gavo ni so fucking useless and oppressive I may never complain about Kenya again. Just this week sijui 30 people or something died ju the gavo hospital ilifuck up oxyegn machines yao.

Hio labda watumie mutahi kagwe Kwanza kama guinea pig. Mtu ovyo Sana.

Ivermectin and hydrochlooquine reduce death by covid by over 200% we should be using that

Umeanza sindio?

Sina @Covid19

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is announcing the distribution list for 55 million of the 80 million doses of America’s own vaccine supply President Biden has pledged to allocate by the end of June in service of ending the pandemic globally.


Approximately 14 million – or 25% of these 55 million vaccines – will be shared with regional priorities and other recipients, such as:

Kenya, Colombia, Argentina, Haiti, other CARICOM countries, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cabo Verde, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Oman, West Bank and Gaza, Ukraine, Kosovo, Georgia, Moldova, and Bosnia.
As we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic at home and work to end the pandemic worldwide, President Biden has promised that the United States will be an arsenal of vaccines for the world. Part of that plan is donating vaccines from our domestic supply, and the President has pledged 80 million doses to be allocated by the end of June.
Sharing millions of U.S. vaccines with other countries signals a major commitment by the U.S. Government. Just like we have in our domestic response, we will move as expeditiously as possible, while abiding by U.S. and host country regulatory and legal requirements, to facilitate the safe and secure transport of vaccines across international borders. This will take time, but the President has directed the Administration to use all the levers of the U.S. government to protect individuals from this virus as quickly as possible. The specific vaccines and amounts will be determined and shared as the administration works through the logistical, regulatory, and other parameters particular to each region and country.…/fact-sheet-biden-harris…/

Don’t need handouts!
The waiver on intellectual property rights should be enacted then these nations can start producing their own vaccines.
55 Million vaccines/3.2Billion ??
fek off usa

[SIZE=5]Uganda unveils herbal medicine to treat Covid[/SIZE]

Health authorities in Uganda have approved a locally manufactured herbal medicine to treat Covid-19 patients and other viral infections.
The country’s drug regulator, the National Drug Authority (NDA) said the product is formulated from herbal plants that have been traditionally used to alleviate symptoms of several diseases.

It is however not a cure for Covid-19. :smiley:

NDA’s decision comes a week after it warned the public against using Covidex, saying it had not been authorized.


Mbarara University of Science and Technology, where the developer Prof Patrick Ogwang teaches, also claimed the product as its own and said it had been leaked to the market before going through the right procedure.
The NDA says the approval was based on initial assessment, published literature, and safety studies and that its innovator had also withdrawn unsubstantiated claims that the product treats and prevents Covid-19.
The herbal medicine hit the market several months ago.
It was retailing at less than a dollar but as infection surged amid the second wave of the pandemic, its price shot up to $22 (£15).
Uganda imposed a lockdown in early June because of a surge in Covid-19 cases which has led to a rise in hospitalization and deaths.
More than 850,000 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19, with priority being given to health workers, teachers, the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions.

Madagascar way?

Bonobo Antics Never Disappoint…

Kampala: [SIZE=7]800 Ugandans get fake Covid-19 jab[/SIZE]

More than 800 people and an undisclosed number of clients from several companies based in the Kampala Metropolitan Area received fake Covid-19 jabs last month.

Some of the recipients have since died in the second wave of the pandemic, the Ugandan government revealed.
Dr Wallen Naamara, the head of State House Health Monitoring Unit, told Daily Monitor that people who took the fake Covid-19 jabs shouldn’t get worried because there is a possibility that the fraudsters could have injected them with water that was put in stolen bottles.


Dr Naamara told a press conference in Kampala that the suspects, including a doctor who is currently on the run, duped several people and companies and injected them with fake vaccines between May 15 and June 17.
State House detectives on Wednesday arrested two nurses from Nakawa, Kampala, on accusations of vaccinating people using a suspected fake vaccine.
“The contents of labels of this vaccine are suspected to have either been stolen from somewhere or manufactured from Nasser Road in Kampala but they did not pass the right channels of the government. Almost all the vaccines of Covid-19 are 5mls, but this one doesn’t look like 5mls, it’s actually more. The top of the vial is so tampered with and it looks like a fake vaccine,” Dr Naamara said.
Daily Monitor understands that a joint health intelligence team on June 17 raided Kiswa Health Centre, a vaccination center in Kampala, and found that nurses there were charging people between USh100,00 and USh200,000 for each dose.
During the operation, the detective impounded a book with a list of people who have been vaccinated with the ‘drug’. The book had names of persons and serial numbers of certificates awarded to those who had been vaccinated.

“We got a social media story and information from the Resident District Commissioner for Nakawa about people who were carrying out Covid-19 vaccination. We informed the police, State House intelligence team and Chieftaincy of Military intelligence to do undercover work. In the process, two nurses, who were vaccinating individuals and people in corporate institutions with ‘Covid-19 vaccine’, were arrested and taken to Jinja Road Police Station for investigations,” he said.
Dr Naamara, however, said the arrested nurses revealed to security that they were receiving the jabs from a Dr Francis Baguma, who is also on the run.
The detained nurses were found with stamps belonging to Kampala Capital City Authority and Kiswa Health Centre. They had 150 vaccination cards and nine vials of ‘Covid-19 vaccines’, which were ninety doses. They also had a notebook with names of vaccinated people from different institutions.
The nurses had the identification tags of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and consent forms, but when contacted, KCCA denied that they were their officials.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday said the country has received green monkey cells which are critical in the development of its Covid-19 vaccine.

Museveni said that the acquisition of the green monkey cells is a big boost in the country’s quest to develop a Covid-19 vaccine to address the surge in coronavirus cases, according to a State House statement.
“One of the things they (local scientists) were looking for was the green monkey cells which can grow well for the virus like corona. It is going to be the first time these cells are being used in a laboratory in Africa to multiply the virus for the vaccines,” Museveni said, noting that the cells are key for virus multiplication in vaccine production.
He made the remarks while presiding over a ceremony to lay a foundation stone for a biological drugs and vaccine manufacturing facility in the country on Tuesday. The ceremony was attended by Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto.
Museveni has previously said that apart from importing Covid-19 vaccines, local scientists were developing a vaccine.
“Making a vaccine involves eight or nine phases if WHO (World Health Organization) allows you to skip one phase. Our researchers are now entering stage four. We hope to get to stage eight by November,” the president said at the World Health Summit Regional Meeting in late June.

Ugandan authorities say more than 800 people and an undisclosed number of clients from several companies in the Kampala Metropolitan area received fake Covid-19 jabs.


The report followed the release of test results for samples taken from the batch of vaccines.
Dr Warren Naamara, director of the State House health monitoring Unit, told Daily Monitor that suspects in the matter, including a doctor currently on the run, duped several people and companies.
He said they were injected with the fake vaccines between May 15 and June 17.
[SIZE=6]Testing in India[/SIZE]
Dr Naamara said Monday that a number of suspected fake Covid-19 vaccine vials with the genuine ones were sent to the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory in Wandegeya and the National Drug Authority (NDA) for analysis.
The NDA forwarded the samples to Serum Institute of India, manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccines & immuno-biologicals, for comparison with genuine vaccines.

The director also said the public should continue with vaccination at Kiswa Health Centre IV because the forgery occurred outside the facility.
So far, State House detectives have arrested two nurses from Nakawa, Kampala, on accusations of vaccinating people using the fake vaccine.
They were remanded to Kitalya Prison.


  1. First they allowed a Chinese flight to land amid a fast encroaching pandemic.

  2. They harassed and arrested the whistle blower.

  3. They initiated a curfew.[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)].kwani mgonjwa haabukizani mchana?:mad:

  4. When the first doses of vaccines made a touch down on our soil, the same fuckers were first on the recipient queue:mad:, not the elderly, sick or those in the health industry

  5. The National Quality Control Laboratory is the organ that qualifies ALL foreign produced medicines, vaccines, and poisons in the republic of Kenya!
    To this day, NQCL have not been allowed anywhere near the COVID-19 campaign, not even a simple line on the COVID-19 campaign drive in Kenya!!

  6. The remaining doses of the first batch were reserved [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]for foreigners!!!:mad:
    A directive to the health ministry from the foreign ministry!!!(wtf)

  7. Kenya with a population of 54mil produces a sorry 840 doctors annually, Norway with a population of 5.6million produces 890 doctors annually.
    19 months into COVID-19 pandemic, Uhuru boards a plane to London and promises the nr 10 downing street 5000 of our nurses citing the government of Kenya cannot provide employment in the country.
    The national ratio of nurses to 1000 patients in Kenya is a horrid 0.48 or nr 132/194 countries of the world.

  8. The irony despite the disdain demonstrated by the ruling class in managing COVID-19 in Kenya is that, Kenyans do not seem bothered at all and not even a soul cares to raise a (hey wait a minute) finger.:meffi:

  9. Currently, poorer nations in the region are donating vaccines they deem not fit for their population to a happy go lucky GoK because by the end of the day, the average Kenyan is a dunderhead who only “thinks” and or eagerly waits to be entertained by his favourite politician.:meffi:

The reality as we speak now is, 200million souls world wide are infected with Sars covid-19, with all the mutations popping out everywhere, it is just a matter of time zamu iwe yako ama mpenzi wako!
Kenyans need to wake the eff up…ujinga inaua bila huruma!