Kenya To Elbow Out Ethiopia And Retake Pole Position Economy-Wise In The Region

[SIZE=6]“[/SIZE]Oct 10 (Reuters) - Ethiopia’s central bank has devalued the Ethiopian birr by 15 percent to boost lagging exports, its deputy governor announced on Tuesday.[SIZE=6]”[/SIZE]
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Imf jana updated their World Economic Outlook database (a biannual event) and this is how things currently stand in Africa

Top African economies,
The countries I have considered are those with a nominal GDP of above US $20 billion.(Nominal GDP in Billion US$)
Nigeria - 394.8
South Africa - 334.1
Egypt - Not Available (2016 - 332.3)
Algeria - 175.5
Angola - 124.0
Sudan - 118.9
Morocco - 110.7
Ethiopia - 79.7
Kenya - 78.4
Tanzania - 51.6
Ghana - 45.5
Cote D’Ivoire - 39.9
Tunisia - 39.9
D.R Congo - 40.4
Libya - 33.3
Cameroon - 30.7
Uganda -26.4
Zambia - 25.6

Quock math shows if Ethiopia takes a 15% hit, tunawaruka, but it will last for maybe 3 years at most.
Sudan has suprised me, but I think they have an artificially high currency. I could be wrong tho. since sanctions zao ndio tu zimeisha and they can now deal with dollars directly, something they havent been able to do for 20 years, so on the flipside their economy could take off

It would be better if Kenya jumped up due to our economy doing well. Instead of moving up due to other countries doing poorly.

Ethiopia are copying Chinese tactics… God bless Ethiopian!

A devalued currency means they will sell more.

well said

Someone told me that Ethiopians are suffering so much that some cross borders at any cost.

The need to go slow on that omo river dam shit they be undertaking…its Lake Turkanas lifeline bana

How much do we need L. Turkana?

the poor people suffers alot, .Ke got tied of deporting thousands of them, security now turns them back in the northern borders.

Just like your anal hairs,u rarely notice their existence/purpose but sure they do have;!

Its scaremongering, once the dam fills up the water flow will continue as usual. Infact we are lucky that Ethiopia gov owns all the land and therefore all catchment areas are still intact. Case of point all our dams along River Tana have never stopped the river flow. The Dam reservoir fills up and flow continues as usual.

This is true if its just hydro, but they plan to use it for irrigation. Refer to aral sea to see what can happen

OK, let me check. If that is the case its be the same situation we have with Egypt and L. Victoria. The same Hydro plant is also going to supply us with 1000MW of the cheapest power in the region. We need to leverage that to the amount of water they will use to irrigate.

On devaluation of there currency, something doesn’t add up or they are holding up some figures as well. The SEZ they were building are complete and in operation. They should actually be exporting more. Could the civil disobedience have been more damaging than its reported?

Very likely, I also didn’t buy that explanation

:D:D:D @biraru citari na tha

Conditions of natives fleeing the country speaks volume ,the freedom we enjoy here in vumbistan is unmatched

Bless them kabisa. These are people Kenyans saw to be dying of hunger all the time . Look whose laughing now . Wait until they start producing electricity and train works. Shindeni hapo mukiiba makura

quite true, bt the worst affected are eritreans…weeh wacha tu

They are brave. It’s reason whiteman didn’t conquer Abysnia

It’s even more brave to see those so-called refugees sent money that singlehandedly build GERD massive hydro project 6000mw.

Ethiopians and Eritrean remain very loyal and cohesive group in foreign lands.

Let them take loopholes in west and migrate when they can.

Their government policy is to grow the private sector and industry over its people. They set their maximum wages to be lower than China to attract their industry into their SEZ. That will never happen here. They have the cheapest power in the region but would rather sell to us Kenya and get monthly payments to their treasury (we are very grateful) than provide power to the residents. They also provide it to industry and SEZ. Imagine 2000MW of power passing a whole countryside and no one is lit up. The roads project are based on economic need not to serve the people. The ruling clan has ignored its people and they are suffering. That’s why they still sneak into Kenya on lorries to look for a better life here and connect to other nations.