Kenya shiling inakula Videvu against the Dollar


best time for exporters and those who get paid in usd

Bad leadership choses consequences

Problem is everything becoming expensive.


Watu wa kupata remittance … tunasema hapo sawa kabisa.

Ksh depreciating against the dollar is bad news, alright. But why the fuck are the tzsh and ugx becoming all the more powerful than the Ksh? About a year ago 1ksh was tzsh23. Today it is just tzsh20! And, salt to the wound, the tzsh is not depreciating against the dollar!

Wa Amazon tunaumia

Importers wanaumia… and you know we import almost everything including tooth pick, and tooth brush. The extra cost goes is directed to the consumer

but these mofos just print these dollars endlessly, the world need to go back to gold standard.

All of you want cheap dollars to continue importing used clothing, toothpicks, kfc potatoes and whiskey and non of you wants a strong dollar because you export nothing. Do you think there is anyone listening to your complaints?

Do your political leaders have power against the law of supply and demand, which governs currency prices?

Do you have enough drones and nuclear weapons to help us get back to the good old gold days?

The shilling only goes in one direction against the dollar over time. This is not surprising to anyone over 25 years old

Think it means it’s not the dollar that’s strengthening it’s our shilling that’s weakening!


The fed just called for 3 rate hikes in their last monetary policy meeting for 2022 and you expect the Kenyan shilling to survive that in the fx markets? All low yielding currencies will suffer in the first and second quarter.

“Uhuru amefanya kazi buana!” By some low IQ orangutan.

Meanwhile, furaha yangu ni kuona dollar ikipanda ata mpaka ksh 180!

Since states left the gold standard in 1971; they have been wreaking economies world over. It’s now payback time now everyone should undermine the dollar by owning crypto

Kwanzaa unaskia 90 percent of all dollars have been printed in the last year. You third worlders ain’t seen nothing yet .I guarantee that by next year dollar itakua inachezea 200 huko

Naaah bro

that was just a spike, ilirudi 113


All you need is a stable currency. That helps both side. Political leaders only have powers to strengthen the economy. That should strengthen the shilling. But look at them. A shame if anything.