Kenya’s Hushpuppy wanted by DCI


After August 2022, hawa watu wako in safe hands. Kama huwezi chukua sheria mikononi wacha kusumbua watu. Kesi zingine wacha police waitwe kupeleka mwili mortuary.

Huyu ataingia politics next elections.

These fraudsters kinda look the same. Alafu shida yao ni moja; Kiherehere kwa social media.

If I was a fraudster, singekuwa ata na social media accounts unless zikuwe ni pseudo.

Am surprised how he is being pursued in Kenya considering that the government we have is favoring those making money via dubious means.


Kudeal na this thugs you need to be ruthless. Kill him live on camera make sure the death is painful. Ikiweza tumia blunt saw ya mbao kukataa kichwa. Post hizo video Kwa Facebook,Instagram,tiktok yake using his handle. Halafu andika for the wages of sin is death.
Most scammers since they follow each other Kwa social media. They will reconsider their ways.

Criminals exposing themselves on social media is an interesting phenomena I’ve also racked my brain trying to understand. I think, most of these fraudsters do wash wash… and the only way you can advertise yourself as wash wash is through flashy lifestyle on social media to attract victims. For example if I tell you I can turn your 1m into 10m, my flashy lifestyle is the proof.

That said, we have seen fraudsters who don’t con anyone but they game the system and steal eg the Kenyan nurses that stole $100m from Boston. They didn’t need to live a flashy lifestyle to attract victims but they did it anyway and got caught. I think if you love money to the extent you can steal it, then it’s a pipe dream to think you will resist spending the loot. After all, what is the point of stealing if not to spend?

I remember that drug kingpin on Breaking Bad who was making tens of millions of dollars each week selling illicit drugs but he was driving a 2nd hand volvo, dressing in kawaida clothes, living in an average house. What was motivating him to engage in crime? Iyo pesa yote ilimsaidia aje?

Chicken man - one of the best villain on TV… I think it’s about power and control…

But i usually think… After making a kill… You relocate to a remote village in Thailand and live peacefully… Silently…


Contemporary fraud has been met with the new social media age. Social media is the phenomenon that should be researched. Understand that whoever has a social media account is trying to sell or portray something. Otherwise, why would someone have a page for the public to view your photos? If I wanted memories, I’d have the photos stored in my phone. Mtu yeyote ako social media especially Instagram, kuna kitu inamsumbua akili.

Money heist si walitorokea Thailand? Alafu afta kuskuma life in a 3rd world country Denver akaskia hawezani nayo :smiley: Tokyo pia akachoka kujificha. Hii kitu ni ngumu kuelewa.

Inakaa hakupea DCI share yao mapema