Kenya public debt hits 5 trillion kshs: meanwhile Mama N Kenyatta is worth 6 trillion shs


Mama Ngina Kenyatta is worth 6trillion shillings and has a vast land of 500,000acres in Kenya. Former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, is worth 5trillion shillings but our debt is 9trillion and we still ask ourselves how this debt came about.

Only a revolution will bring Kenya back to its wealth and status


Imagine if all that looted wealth by those dynasties was pumped back into the economy.

That’s today’s f*ucking food for thought… Just imagine


6 trillion dollars is 60 billion dollars? Do you mean anapigana compe na kina Amancio Ortega na vile the Kenyatta family is large? Hapa ume exaggerate.

Ukweli six trillion hapana she would be one of the wealthiest people on earth Google estimates the kenyatta wealth at 500 million dollars

ya mama ngina is more beleivable because the have looted from a bigger kenyan budget. ya moi is suspect because budget in 2002 was 180 billion if you multiply by 20 yrs it comes to 3.6 trillion

Wewe wacha u-f*ucker, soma thread vizuri wacha mbio bana

Nimesoma mdau lakini hio figure iko juu sana omwami.

It’s understandable when you defend Moi… Tribalist wewe why you keep on defending some non existent dams in a thicket just coz ni za WSR

Hizo ni 6trln Kshs Hapana dollars bana…CBA and Huduma card shit will make her even richer

Do you think the Forbes list includes politicians and rulers whose wealth is through fucking their respective nation’s economies? Do you know the wealth the King of Saudi Arabia holds. or even held by the late Saddam and Muammar Gaddaffi? Our so-called leaders could well be worth trillions but never appear on any list world wide.

nasikia Gaddafi alikuwa na $200bn Vladimir Putin ako na $150bn.
but huwezi kuwaona kwa list yoyote

Imagine if Forbes had equally a list of richest thieves… Hapo ndio ukweli iko


Ubongo yako iko sawa?

Pesa iko under the mattress ama. Do their investments amount to that colossal amount of money

those are facts I have put out, dispute them with facts of your own