Kenya Power Tarrifs

Hi guys back frm klist there was a guy who explained how this kp tarrifs work,I mean for example my sound system is rated at 100Watts power consumption,if i switch it on for like 8hrs how many Units will it consume, u feel me, ,plus does high vol/big bass affect its power consumption,

I wanna challenge my landlady I feel shes been milking me dry with this damn stupid sub-meters.
end also is there any diffence if am using a monitor with an adopter en the one tht takes 250v directly,in terms of power consumption

ill appreciate ua help guys

yaani bado Uko analog…vuka border kijana

Itisha bill kwa KPLC

What I’ve seen in my neighborhood is, one: all commercial consumers (offices, hotels, banks, business premises, etc) have had their old postpaid replaced with prepaid meters and, two, all new residential consumers are getting prepaid.

Hamia kwako …

Power consumed in KWh=System rating in KW x time in hours.
In your case, the KWh units consumed in 8 hrs will be given by 0.1 KW x 8 hrs = 0.8 KWh. The sound system is rated at its peak or maximum consumption point i.e. when the volume is highest (N.B. 0.8 is less than 1 unit).
For your second query, the inclusion of an adapter or not does not affect the power consumption of the monitor for all practical purposes.
Before you head for the landlady with a machete, there is another important factor you need to understand;that the amount you pay per unit as a group is much higher than what you could be paying as individuals. For instance, 10 people using 50 units individually with separate meters would pay about 2.00 Kshs per unit. However, if the 10 people used the same number of units from a common meter, the cost per unit would average about 8.00 Kshs.

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8hrs0.1Kw=0.8Kwhr=0.8unit per day
In one month will be 24units
Postpaid calculation>>
[5.08 Consumption per KWh+ 251cts/kwh(fuel)+ 17cts/kwh(Forex adjustment)+ 3cts/Kwh(ERC Levy)]+sh.6(REP 5% of consumption i.e. 24*5.08) + sh.19.2(16%VAT on consumption) + Fixed Charge ya sh.150= Weh tu Hamia Kwako

sijafanikiwa na kwangu bado, cmon guys I need the calculation bit of it

They stopped compulsory replacement after they received complaints. Nowadays you apply at your own choice. Sorry landlord’s choice.

@Bus & @ampex thanks alot guys much respect guys

the rest can continue mockin me am on my best wknd moods

Its time you start searching for another house (as you await kupata kwako), my personal experience of maji na stima ni: once you land into a “conish” landlord/lady, the agony of confrontation is not worth. HAMA!. Search for a house with prepaid meter(s) and you’ll be sorted out. Thankyou


@snapdragon, get more info on KP tariffs here:

^^^dude thts gold information ,graziè

You’re most welcome. :slight_smile:

Kwani how much are you paying? Kulipa wewe mwenyewe ni probably more expensive. KP sucks.

Unacomplain kuhusu bill ya stima ya Mia tano na maji ya Ruaraka Easter ulikunywa na marafiki elfu nane!


nani anajua kunyonga hizi prepaid meter?
1st week 440bob - 27.5 units.
2nd week (leo) 300 bob -27.1 units.

Home Thearter
Micro wave (i rarely use)
Percolator (nowadays nachemsha maji kwa gas)
Bulbs -5 energy saver

Kuna ujanja ya kunyonga stima?

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fridge bro. that uses more than all others combined. na labda ni githeri imekuliwa nusu umeweka hapo.