Kenya Power raises alarm over clients solar switch.

Naona muamua kupea Mama Ngina kidole cha kati by switching to solar. Ngojeni Muone ile tax itakuwa slapped kwa solar panels, how dare you interfere with the dynasties income???

But for real manze power bills nowadays are off the roof. A simple household now pays almost 4k in electricity bills. Interesting times ahead.


Cutting the cord, living off-grid, YouTube pia imechangia hii mambo

Youtube inaingilia wapi hapa? sikuget?

Watu wamekua educated na hizo diys ziko uko.

My power bill has been increasing steadily from 3,000 a few years ago to 0ver 6,000 per month currently. Earlier this year I asked myself - What would Kibaki do? The next stop was in a solar shop to get myself a unit. The mistake I made was to buy a hybrid inverter, which is consuming more power than the 300 watts panel is producing. So far, no regrets.

The economy is hurting, no money in peoples’ pockets yet they still have to survive. We’ll use all possible means to cut costs. Kama solar works & its generally cheaper than KPLC, we move.

And there are plans to increase electricity costs by almost 20% after KPLC got the go ahead from Kengen. If this happens, the cost of production will shoot up effectively raising the cost of almost everything, while your income remains the same. Iko shida.

Kenya kuna shida everywhere. Our decision makers seem to be detached from reality. But then again, what do you expect of decision makers whose power bills, fuel, workers, rent, travel, food etc are paid for by the peasants!

Waiter, patia Huyu jamaa chupa mbili haraka sana!!!


And now this…



Yet juzi a solar guy gave me a 260k quotation for a 3 bedroom… but what sielewi ni he told me anataka a hybrid inverter

So nikatae ama

Fantastic! They’ve mistreated Kenyans for so long, let them feel the pinch.

I am not sure it’s my specific inverter that is faulty or that is it’s normal consumption. I bought a different type of inverter and the system is working like a charm! And 260k is a rip off!

Solar power has come to age and Kenyans are embracing it… it doesn’t make sense to pay ridiculous bills yet you can get a good system to serve your water heating needs and lighting for free.
Chlorine exide has some good systems.


im seeing davis and shirtliff have panels going for ksh 10000, kwani how many such panels does a normal house need

Which type/brand did you buy? I have the same problem

me nikikafunga poa naweka solar panels na inverter biggy, nasahau electricity for life … sahii kwangu naweka 2k tokens everymonth and sipigi nguo pasi cause niza mjei and sipiki nayo

btw ni inverter gani poa? cause niko na 200 w produce and inverter inakula hio charge mbaya sana

ali over quote boss, mulize unahitaji watts ngapi? natumia same kwa 3bdroom huko mashinani and haikufika hio amount, Battery 150W , panel 200W, inverter 600w