Kenya Police Should Be Last People to Oppose A Revolution Given Their Living Conditions, They Are Less Than Prisoners!

These damn fools live in crumbling 3 By 3 shacks separated by torn curtains and yet when there are demos meant to uplift Kenyans they are the ones breaking it up. Kila mtu anajoin Revolution



House negroes , they think they are part of the lords

Nowadays they get house allowance.

Misthy leo umeongea point, lakini ikizidi watajoin raiya, shida ni ata raiya haiwezi tokea.

Damn zombie f-uckers

Halafu towels na carpets za kujenga dams zinagarimu 21 Blns… These fuckers should be the last to be a stumbling block to the imminent revolution :meffi::meffi::meffi:

police was Kenya ni meffi

I wish I can post a police officer payslip, ghai fafa!!!

How come I’ve never met you before?

Hiyo ni amount ya lunch alone hapa Kepinski Hotel na bado hujaongeza za shot moja

Ata lunch pekee haiwesi make nakwambia[ATTACH=full]235974[/ATTACH] angalia hii

Cc to Afande Kiplang’at @langatkipro

Hizo ma loan ni mingi sana.

Naujue bado wako betting na Sportspesa

Hii sura naijua ni ya nani :smiley:

Unajua kutofuata amri ni hatia na hata unaweza fungwa? Which choice is easier? To go to prison for failing execute the order to clobber demonstrators because of your beliefs ama utatandika hizo burukenge and rob them to enrich yourself while at it?

Things have not got bad to the point where the police will join the citizens.
If you compare the last revolution by our SD Brothers, pesa ilipotea hadi you go to the atm, no money, you go to the bank, no money, regardless of your status.
Cost of inflation tripled in less than 2 years, wacha police, army joined in silently initially but all the low ranking officers army and police are basically protesting with the people.

Sasa mbona unaanika officer hivi

Jesus saa hio pia unalipia slay-queen fees. Hii hata palmela hatakubali.