Kenya Phone Number?

I’m currently abroad and I want to register for a Kenyan sim card.

Can I get someone to register for me on my behalf? Or this is impossible?

I have all the relevant information.

Uko na Huduma number?

tricky unless ni ku-corrupt the salesman/woman, which is illegal.

Namba atapata hassle free. The other day I wanted to buy a new simcard from those guys who change ownership kama nguo. I was surprised to be informed that I am in possession “more than the legally allowed” number of sim cards…whereas all I can remember are three sim cards bought in three different towns in different years. Someone has registered more that “legally allowed” number of sim cards in my names.
So corruption or not, @MortyTuumbo number utapata.

are you making an effort to have the other simcards cancelled? supposing someone uses the to commit a serious crime?

Yes,was advised to write an official letter requesting that all numbers bearing my name be disconnected. The process has taken off.
I should be going for a new number soon.

Ndio na apply.

I thought so. I’ll have one of my trusted cousins do this for me…

Having your photo taken is the tricky bit

Kumbe they take pictures?

Why is it a hassle to even do simple things in Kenya. Any day now we’ll see the government employ hizo facial recognition systems ya China.

because kenyans, if they know no one is watching, will break the law…

[SIZE=7]Man Who Took Loans Worth 150K Using Stolen Phone Charged in Court[/SIZE]
By Richard Kamau / Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019 man has been presented in court for allegedly stealing a mobile phone and using it to take loans from several money lending apps.
The suspect – Evance Okech Adero – appeared before Principal Magistrate M. Nanzushi on Monday. He was accused of borrowing over Kes150,000 from mobile money lenders such as Tala, M-Shwari, KCB M-Pesa and Fuliza.
The Court heard that he later sent the money to his personal M-Pesa account. The accused allegedly stole a mobile phone worth Kes30,000 at Koinange street in Nairobi on April 10, 2019. He was arrested on June 21, 2019.
Magistrate Nanzushi heard that Mr Okech used the stolen gadget to commit electronic fraud by unlawfully transferring money borrowed from financial institutions to his M-Pesa account and that of Sandra Jepchumba Kemboi.
The suspect pleaded not guilty to counts of electronic fraud and stealing. He was consequently released on Kes200,000 cash bail or alternative bond of Kes400,000.