Kenya Navy is trending pale Twirra


Why are guys acting surprised??kdf as a whole are a useless bunch of fuckers …i have never shied away from saying it

Kenya Army is a bunch of sissies. Even our Administration Police is far much better than them.

How true is this story?

A republic led by selfish greedy idiots like Uhuru and Ruto always produces such institutions …

According to a story at @citizentvkenya they abandoned starving and dehydrated fishermen who had run out of food and water in the high seas , the fishermen drifted for 17 days until they were miraculously rescued by good Samaritans

Ilikuwa pale shittyzen jana.


I haven’t watched Kenyan news in years. Si huyu Lilian Muli amebeat!

Kenya disciplined forces is a joke. Kazi ni kutombana na kukunywa pombe. Most of them ukimwi ndio ina waangusha. Bure kabisa.
Next budget fund of DOD should be slashed by kuota.

The rulers of Kenya want an armed forces made of zombies who can’t think. If the armed forces can think it will be forced them to act. To act on the enemies of Kenyans. To act on corruption inside the government.
The armed forces of Kenya are purposely designed to be zombies or to turn zombies after joining. They can only take instructions from superiors and thinking is not allowed.
It’s not by mistake that they are zombies

I’ll never forget when young Kenyans were getting slaughtered at Garisa University and the forces CHOSE to not help.

Kenya as a country and nation and it’s government exists only on paper.

… To their faces? I highly doubt it!

The defense forces are tasked with external threats, should the internal security detail be overwhelmed by internal threats i.e Westgate attack then they can help.
You’d know this if you’d pull your head from your arse, and do a little research before posting.
The fishermen claimed they weren’t rescued by the navy, key word. ‘claimed’.

kuwa serious. external threat does not mean it will attack at the border points.

The problem with military is bureaucracy. As a junior personnel you can’t do anything without informing your senior, this is something civilians will hardly comprehend. Soldiers are trained to see anything as a threat first before thinking of the right course of action, they do not view things from a humanity lens. Tusisahau Mombasa ni maeneo ya Alshabaab. There are many variables to consider in this scenario

Raia ni raia tu, let them wail and gnash their teeth at the incompetence they perceive the KDF to be riddled with. By tomorrow they will have a new target that is BBI or some corrupt lawmaker, or pastor.
Despite their many years poring through books many Kenyans are still belly full and mind full of shit!

Let’s for a moment say the guys were shabab. Was leaving them out in the high seas the best action? You arrest them, debrief them find their mission and if innocent you release. If guilty you jail them. That is how civilised societies behave.
Don’t excuse mediocrity in the name of bureaucracy.

I have friends in the army and I can tell you for a fact that hatuna jeshi. All they think about is business and how to supply tenders there

When will you NEGROES comprehend what I have always been preaching to you? Negroes only work under VERY STRICT SUPERVISION. [SIZE=6]Kenya Army, Kenya Navy, Kenya Police are all a bunch of incompetent scumbags. Useless[/SIZE]