Kenya Itaporwa Mpaka LINI? We NEED A Dictator To Execute Economic Saboteurs In Public. FVCK Human Rights

Wakenya wanuchungu My friend.

An angry Kalenjin man who has seen the light

Very important questions raised.

Na mbona by the way wakanunua shamba yareli.why didnt they use the older route,hiyo mkale apewe mbili kwa bill yangu

to make money for themselves

Huyo jamaa anaishi wapi? KCB was privatised over 2 decades ago

Uyo mkale is enlighten, he is asking very valid questions

The number of enlightened kenyans who reason that way and ask such questions is insignificant and the political class can safely ignore them and concentrate on winning the types that vote in sonko types.


Valid points. I am tired if Kikuyu Kalenjin partnership

We need to suspend the construction and run this country kienyeji tu

Imagine every Kenyan even the ones in the villages use this statement